DIY Flowers Made Easy with Bloominous


How many of you gutsy brides-to-be plan to tackle your own floral design on the big day? For us common gals (read: no floral design experience) taking on that task can be a scary thought! Yet, the cost-saving benefits are awfully inciting! Brides who DIY their blooms can save anywhere from 30% to 50% off a typical floral budget. That caught your attention, right? Enter Bloominous. Most DIY floral services don’t send prepped flowers, but Bloominous’ kits come with cut-to-order, dethorned, and trimmed blooms, so you can save both time AND money! Each kit also comes with step-by-step photo instructions for easy assembling (10 to 20 minutes per piece), as well as flower care products, accessories, and design tips. Love that!

Bloominous Box


Boho Desert Tablescape

Bloominous puts lots of focus on quality products + professional design results. All of their collections are designed by their in-house florist (with 10+ years of experience in event and floral design). And they feature specialty flowers that are hard to find, especially if you’re located in a city without a local flower market.

And in addition to the designed collections, they are adding a fun “Flower Market” concept to their offerings so DIY-ers can take customization into their own hands! Flowers from all over the world can be shipped straight to your doorstep, and those who want to create their own collections can purchase un-prepped flowers through the Bloominous Flower Mart!

Boho Desert Bridal


Boho Desert Dinner

When you order a DIY floral kit from Bloominous, know you are also getting a true partner; a company who genuinely cares about your day! These guys don’t want to just provide flowers. They want to bring floral + wedding expertise to all through their blog, which share tips on saving money, planning, DIY, and ease!

And we’re excited to announce that Bloominous has partnered with Gilt City to offer 30% – 40% off all DIY floral pieces during Gilt City Bridal Week, starting now through May 2, 2014! They are also offering 30% off + free shipping on all DIY trial kits with the CODE: TRIAL30 for a limited time only.

Happy floral designing, friends!