DIY: Twine Wrapped Ampersand

DIY Twine Wrapped Ampersand

For all the type lovers out there, this sweet DIY from Smitten on Paper will fill your hearts with joy! The twine wrapped ampersand makes for a great decorative fall accent to any wedding or home. It’s perfect for the in-between spot of the bride and groom chairs, a hanging piece for the wedding ceremony backdrop, or even to be held between the bride and groom!


What you’ll need:
Fresh Cut flowers
Glue Gun
Thick cardboard
‘&’ print out – you can download it here



  1. Print out the Ampersand. In order to create a large ‘&’ we printed it out on two separate sheets of 8.5 x 11 and then taped them taped them together. If not, please feel free to draw out your Ampersand right on the cardboard. Be creative!
  2. Using a glue stick, lightly coat the back of the printed sheet and place over the cardboard. This is to ensure the sheet will not move when tracing and cutting over cardboard. Then let dry.
  3. Using an X-acto knife, trace over the ampersand, cutting through the cardboard.
  4. When your ‘&’ is finally all cut out, peel back the sheet of paper.
  5. If your ‘&’ has any paper residue left over, not to worry, this will be covered up by twine and will not show through.
  6. At the top, tie a knot. This will be your starting point when wrapping.
  7. Wrap, Wrap, Wrap! This part is fairly easy but does require some time, so plop yourself on the couch and tune into your favorite show.
  8. TADA. Your ‘&’ is ready for beautification. Now with your glue gun, you may place the desired flowers.


So cute, right?! Love that you can incorporate this into your home decor after the big day also!


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DIY created exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes by Smitten on Paper. Check out more of their design work at Smitten on Paper!