DIY: Stained Glass Votives

DIY Stained Glass

Love this fun + easy DIY from our DIY contributor Christy of One Handspun Day! From Christy, “There is something so romantic and beautiful about stained glass, the way the light shifts and sparkles through colored panes. I would love to have a window of it all to myself, but since I don’t have that luxury I’ve found a way to satisfy my need for this pretty eye candy. This project is so easy and would be really fun to do as part of a girl’s night!

Let’s get started!

DIY Stained Glass Materials

Materials Needed:
• Glassware
• Food Coloring
• Mod Podge
• Paintbrush

DIY Stained Glass Step One

Step One: Mix Colors
To create the ‘paint’ for your glassware you will need to combine food coloring and Mod Podge. Use a glass or disposable container to mix together a tablespoon of Mod Podge with drops of food color to create your desired ‘paint’. You can use the suggested color combinations on the back of your food color box or create your own.

I used the ‘Dusty Rose’ (3 drops of red + 1 drop of blue) and ‘Pretty Purple’ (3 drops of blue + 1 drop of red) color recipes as starting points. I also mixed up ‘Mint Green’ and ‘Orange Sunset’ as you can see in the photo, but didn’t end up using them at all.

DIY Stained Glass Step Two

Step Two: Paint, Paint, Paint
The next step is to paint your pretty heart out! Use thick applications of ‘paint’ so the color shows up (it will become much more transparent as it dries). I used one color at a time and added a few random blocks of color to each of the four inside walls. After I painted sections of my glass in Dusty Rose and Pretty Purple I added a second coat to some of the sections to create different shades of the same colors.

Want in on a fabulous little secret? If you mess up during this step, then just soak your glass in hot water. Mod Podge is water-based, so the ‘paint’ will come off in one long, clumpy, gooey string. And the same goes for cleanup of the glass containers you mixed your ‘paints’ in – just soak to them in hot water.

DIY Stained Glass

Step Three: Bake Glassware
Once the ‘paint’ has dried completely you need to bake it to set the color. I learned the hard way that if it’s not entirely dry then your ‘paint’ will boil and burn onto your glass, which is not at all pretty nor romantic looking. To set the color just place your glass on a baking sheet lined with foil and bake at 250 degrees for approximately 40 minutes. Allow your glass to cool and you are done!

You can use your stained glassware as a candleholder or even a vase, but keep in mind that if you don’t bake your glass long enough, then the color may not be waterproof (Mod Podge is water-based). To play it safe you can paint on the outside instead, just make sure to use the Mod Podge that has a glossy finish!

DIY Stained Glass

DIY created by Christy of One Handspun Day exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Check out more of her designs at One Handspun Day