DIY: Romantic Centerpiece with Roses

DIY Romantic Centerpiece with Roses

Next week is one of our most favorite weeks – Valentine’s Day week! How doesn’t love a week that celebrates love!? :) I’m always a huge fan of skipping the crowds and having a romantic dinner at home and thanks to Kimm from The Velvet Garden she is sharing how to make this romantic Valentine’s Day centerpiece for your dinner table. I love that it can be made with roses found at your local grocery store also! I hope you’ll try it this weekend to add a bit of romance to your dinner table or save for a special dinner on the 14th!


What You’ll Need:
• Roses (this DIY uses spray roses, garden roses, Ecuadorian roses, and sweetheart roses)
• Vase
• Floral Scissors
• Floral Wire
• Rose de thorner (not mandatory, but sure is nice!)

pretty roses

There are so many pretty types of roses! This centerpiece uses the four types shown above.


Step 1: Buy flowers at your local grocery store or farmer’s market and be sure to check for freshness. The roses should have the following:
• tight buds
• healthy leaves
• strong stems
• no bruises or brown spots
• no mold


Step 2: Process flowers:
Take out of paper/plastic and remove all rubber bands. Then remove lower leaves and thorns, and cut the stems on an angle. Put the flowers in water until you are ready to use.



Step 3: Arrange centerpiece:
Gather flowers in your hand to create the shape you want. Then wrap stems with tape or floral wire to hold the shape. Cut the stems on an angle to the appropriate height of your vase/container.


Step 4: Place bouquet in vase/container. Remember to make sure your vase is full of water! Then mist your centerpiece with water to keep it looking fresh.



Thanks so much to Kimm from The Velvet Garden for this lovely Valentine’s Day DIY! Special thanks also to Brandon Kidd for the photos, Dish Wish for the dishes and to Be Inspired PR for producing.