DIY: How to Make a Bouquet for a photoshoot

DIY a Bouquet for a Photo Shoot

Do you picture a pretty bouquet in your engagement or anniversary photos? Or perhaps you are a photographer and need a bouquet for a shoot – although we typically recommend reaching out to work with a talented florist in your area, sometimes that just isn’t possible! Well, today we are lucky enough to share a fun DIY video from photographer Jasmine Star. Jasmine needed bouquets for some of her own shoots she was producing and taught herself how to DIY a bouquet so knowing how many photographers read the site, she thought it might be helpful to share with you all and we couldn’t agree more! Hope you guys find this helpful + thanks so much Jasmine for sharing all these useful tips with us today!

Please note, the cost of flowers in your area might vary from the cost listed in the DIY (the prices mentioned apply to Southern California), so you might have to do some research to see the cost of flowers in your area.

bride with bouquet

bride with bouquet

So pretty, right? Thanks so much Jasmine!! Photos by Jasmine Star.