DIY: Heart Shaped Floral Wreath


Our super rad floral DIY contributor, Amanda of Anthomanic is back today with a sweet Valentine DIY! This DIY Heart Shaped Wreath is actually pretty easy to make and looks oh-so-pretty. I love that it uses some of my favorites florals – anemones, ranunculus, parrot tulips and dusty miller! Let’s see how it’s made…


Materials Needed:
• heart shaped wreath
• floral foam block (for fresh flowers), saturated with water
• Five stems of each: anemones, ranunculus and parrot tulips
• One bunch of dusty miller (the silver dollar eucalyptus shown here is an alternative to the dusty miller that will last days out of water if you would like to enjoy longer!)
• OASIS Floral Tape
• OASIS Floral Adhesive Glue
• Grey & mint colored spray paint
• Two yards of ribbon
• Scissors or a florist knife


Step 1: Paint the wreath with a coating of grey paint and lightly mist with the mint colored spray paint. This will create a base to blend with the grey dusty miller.


Step 2: Attach 1” thick rectangular cubes of floral foam where you would like the flowers be on your wreath, wrapping the floral tape around the wreath and foam to secure it in place.


Step 3: Cover the rest of the wreath with greeneries, such as dusty miller or silver dollar eucalyptus.


Step 4: Cut each bloom to about 1-2” and insert into foam spreading the blooms evenly where desired.


Step 5: Hang! If the design is not to be used for at least a day, make sure to saturate the floral foam daily by running the foam areas under water. Place in a refrigerator until ready to display if using the dusty miller.

*Design Tip* Once you put a flower in place, don’t remove — this weakens the foam. Also, be cautious how many stems you are placing in the foam, too many will ruin the structure of the foam.


DIY created by Amanda of Anthomanic exclusively for GWS. See more of Amanda’s work here. All photos by Melissa Arlena Photography