DIY: Flower Comb


Did you see the pretty flower combs in our Mother’s Day Picnic Shoot earlier today? Well we’re sharing how to make them, courtesy of Alison Fleck of Juniper Designs! Flowers look so lovely in your hair and we think this easy DIY is perfect to wear for engagements, weddings, or just for fun! Who wouldn’t wear flowers in their hair?! Lets see how Alison made her flower comb…


What You’ll Need:
• Fresh or Silk Flowers (we used freshwater Spray Roses and Brunia)
• Ribbon (Choose various thicknesses for depth and interest. We picked ribbon with subtle colors and lots of texture. Make sure you get a thick option to cover up the card stock).
Card Stock (Select a subtle color here, this is just a structural component)
Hair Comb (You can purchase these from any general store, they have various sizes)
Hot Glue Gun (Any glue gun will do, we use this for the construction portion of the backing)
Cold Floral Glue (We use cold floral glue for fresh flowers, it adheres in a flexible manor and does less!)


Step 1: Cut a 2” x 4” piece of card stock. For various size combs a rule of thumb is to make sure the edge of the card stock extends about a quarter of an inch past the width of the comb. Fold the card stock in half.


Step 2: Run a generous line of hot glue along the back of the comb and attach it to the non-folded side of the card stock. Press the two open sides of the card stock together to hide the top of the comb. Cut off any excess or extra that you don’t need.


Step 3: Cut your ribbon to the appropriate size to conceal the card stock. Don’t be afraid to layer the ribbon adding depth and interest. Once cut to the appropriate length, glue the ribbon to the backing.


Step 4: Now we move on to the cold glue for fresh flowers (you can use hot if you’re using silk). Run a line of cold glue along the ribbon in the desired place. Let the glue set up for about 10-20 seconds. While you’re waiting for the glue to set up, snip your desired flowers short at the base.

Tip: make sure you clean your flowers by taking off any blemished outer petals.


Step 5: Apply a dollop of cold glue to the bottom of the cut flower (do this slowly as the cold glue has a tendency to run at first). Allow the glue to set up for 10-20 seconds.


Step 6: Apply the flowers to the comb, making sure that the glue you placed on the backing and the glue on the flower are touching (the glue works like rubber cement and bonds to itself). Arrange the flowers as you see fit. Fill in any holes you may see with buds or other floral elements you’ve gathered. Let sit for a good 30 minutes before use and enjoy!





Pretty flowers for Mother’s Day, right?! Happy early Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!!

If you make a flower comb, we’d love to see how it turns out, so please share on Instagram along with the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY

Thanks so much again to Alison Fleck of Juniper Designs for the pretty DIY and to Ely Fair Photography for the photos