DIY: Floral Wreath for your Dog

DIY Floral Wreath for your dog

We know lots of our couples plan to involve their pup in their day and our DIY contributor, Amanda of Anthomanic, crafted up the sweetest floral wreath for your dog! I mean, these are so cute, right? And pretty easy to make as you’ll learn below!

Floral Wreath Supplies

• OASIS Floral Tape
• Gardening Shears
• Thick wire (I used 18 gauge pieces)
• Bind wire (optional)
• Twenty stems of mixed loose flowers
• Bunch of leafy foliage


Step One: Create the wire loop “base”
• Measure the length of wire needed for the collar, best to make the loop and put it on the dog to check!
• If using short pieces, just bind together and secure with tape
• Wrap the entire wire loop with the floral tape, pulling the tape taught as you wrap it to release the adhesive from the tape (this helps to give the bundles you will add, a little something to grip on to)


Step Two: Create small bunches
Prepare the stems by removing lower leaves. Layer the blooms, don’t bundle them all at the same height. Wrap with floral tape, cutting stems as needed to a very short length (5-6”).



Step Three: Cover the loop base with floral bunches
Attach the bundle of flowers to the wire loop base using florist tape. Continue this pattern, covering the entire loop leaving the ends of the wire loop base exposed to twist together when placing on your pet!

Please Note: The supplies here are enough for both a small and large pet! For the small pet, the only change is to create mini bouquets by using less flowers and smaller foliage sections.

Floral Wreath DIY

DIY Floral Wreath Pup

DIY Floral Wreath Dog

Seriously, how cute are these for your pup?!!  And remember, if you make one of our DIY projects, be sure to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY – we love seeing how your projects turn out! :)

DIY created by Amanda of Anthomanic exclusively for GWS. See more of Amanda’s work here. Photos by Marta Locklear Photography