DIY: Driftwood Candelabra

DIY Driftwood Candelabra

Do you love succulents and drfitwood? If so, I think you’re going to love today’s DIY from our DIY contributors, Going Lovely. This is a perfect way to bring some rustic elegance to your reception tables, dessert table, or maybe even for your ceremony! So many ways to use this fun idea, so let’s see how to make it!


Materials needed:
• Driftwood
• Drill
• Spade bit + drill bit set
• Candlesticks
• Succulents of your choice
• 2 large eye hooks (optional)
• rope
• lighter


Step 1: Decide where you want your succulents to be placed in the driftwood. Use your drill and spade bit to make multiple holes in the driftwood so that they connect and become one big hole.


Step 2: After you’ve made the large holes for the succulents, drill holes where you want to place the candlesticks. You can choose to hang the driftwood by tying rope around the two ends or you can add in eyehooks like we did. Select a bit that is barely smaller than the width of the base of your eyehook to ensure that the eyehook is snug in the wood and won’t slip out. Drill a hole that is about 2 inches deep and screw the eyehooks in.


Step 3: Fill the large holes with a little bit of soil and add in your succulents. We chose to use flower shaped succulents and added in some hanging ones and tall ones to make a unique arrangement.


Step 4: Place the candlesticks in the small holes that were drilled out earlier.


Hang your driftwood candelabra, light the candlesticks and enjoy! We chose to hang ours from a low tree branch over a table for two. It could easily be hung at wedding ceremony as a backdrop or used as a unity candle. It could also be hung over the head table at the reception. After the wedding or event, it can be used as a driftwood planter in the garden! Just add more soil and succulents in the holes!


DIY created by Going Lovely exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Looking for creative event design + coordination? Check out San Francisco based Going Lovely for your wedding day! Big thanks also to the talented Kirsten Julia for the photography.