DIY Confetti Bag


Here’s an easy DIY to recreate the cute confetti bags we saw in the Luxe Bridal Shower inspiration earlier today thanks to Maddy of Somewhere Splendid.

• 4×6 muslin bag
• 1″ wide masking tape
• index card
• gold fabric paint
• brushes
• printer paper
• needle and thread
• confetti (ours is a custom blend)

With masking tape, block off the muslin bag, alternating every other inch so that three 1″ stripes are exposed. Insert an index card into the muslin bag so any extra paint will bleed onto the card rather than straight through to the other side. Paint the exposed fabric in long, sweeping strokes in the same direction to make sure the application is even. Set the bag aside to dry. Remove the index card when the bag is dry; it can be reused on another bag if you are painting a large number of them.

Design and print a tag (ours is 2″ wide by 3″ long), allowing a little room at the top for the tag to be folded over. Set the folded tag in place and lift the front flap. Sew a single stitch through the muslin bag and the back flap of the tag and then repeat the same stitch several more times to reinforce it. Knot the thread on the inside of the bag. Trim the excess thread, then lower the front flap of the tag to cover the stitch. Fill the bag with confetti and pull the strings to tighten the top of the bag.