DIY: Cement Centerpieces


Did you love the cement centerpieces from the Modern Watercolor inspiration shoot we shared earlier today? Katie Pritchard created a fun DIY on how to create your own cement shapes for your wedding! These are great pieces if you’re looking to DIY your own flowers, or if you want a more industrial feel to your tablescapes. Plus, you can keep them after for your own place!


What You’ll Need:
Quikrete concrete mix
Cardboard boxes. I bought moving boxes from home depot for $2 each!
Duct tape
• Other bottles of various shapes (I used a milk carton and iced tea bottle. Think outside the box for fun shapes!)
Xacto knife
• Tarp or plastic sheet (your local hardware shop will give you one for your trunk)
Large bucket to mix concrete in.
• Mixing stick (or anything to mix your concrete with)


1. Start by cutting you bottles in half with an xacto knife. Trace out your shapes/3D figures on the cardboard and tape together with duct tape to hold together. For the geometric mold I followed this tutorial. Leave an opening in your cardboard shape for concrete to be poured in. Lay out your tarp to keep concrete from getting on anything in your workspace. Mix your concrete as per instructions on the bag. Then, pour your concrete into your shapes and bottles.

Helpful tip: double secure your duct tape on the cardboard shapes to insure no leaks. Also, if you mix the bag of concrete all at once, work quickly! I did mine in batches to avoid it drying too fast.

2. After you’ve poured the concrete into your molds, take a halved end of a water bottle (or cap of something to create a crevice) and push into your shape’s top to create a hole for your flowers. Weigh down water bottle half if needed with something heavy. Let sit for instructed time to cure. Some may spill over so leave enough room in the top for that.


3. After it has dried, peel/cut off your cardboard and plastic (you will have to use your xacto to get the plastic off) to reveal your concrete vase. Then, cut your water bottle halves away from the top of the concrete (some may be poking up if you didn’t put it in perfectly even like me. You can see it a bit in the above photo). Then you’re finished!



So rad, right?! And remember, if you make one of our DIY projects be sure to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY

DIY created by Katie Pritchard exclusively for GWS.