How to Create a Bridesmaid Survival Kit

Bridesmaid Survival Kit DIY

Being a bridesmaid is one of the most fun jobs around, and we’ve partnered with Compeed to show you how being a prepared bridesmaid can make all the difference on the big day when the bride, another ‘maid or a wedding guest has a mini-emergency and needs a little helping hand!

Creating a Bridesmaid Survival Kit is such a great idea, and it’s really so quick + easy to put one together. The bride can make these kits for all of her bridesmaids or the maid of honor can create kits for the other ‘maids to have handy so everyone is prepared once it’s go-time on the wedding day – or perhaps for the bachelorette party weekend! Below, we’re sharing our key essentials for a well-stocked Bridesmaid Survival Kit, but we love that you can get creative and put together a bag of goodies that work especially well for the wedding location or match super-nicely with the aesthetic of the day!

Bridal Survival Kit Items

1. Compeed Blister Cushions – These miracle-workers are amazing for both preventing and treating blisters to stop pain fast. They are perfect for the bride and bridesmaid who haven’t quite broken in those shoes or a guest who wants to dance the night away, but might have chosen an uncomfortable or too-tight heel. Unlike ordinary bandages that can bunch and fall off, Compeed uses hydrocolloid technology to fit like a second skin and stay in place for several days, to help you get through the wedding weekend.
2. Lip Gloss – Always good to have on hand for a quick touch-up for the bride post-portraits or for a pal who may have left theirs behind in the hotel room.
3. Mints – This essential needs little explaining, but we love the idea of choosing some in a fun color or shape!
4. Cute Tissues – For all those happy tears! This is especially great to have on hand for the mothers of the bride + groom.
5. Bobby Pins – Great for any + every hair emergency!
6. Energy Bar – An energy bar is a definite must to have on hand for the bride + other bridesmaids. With all the activities going on that day, it’s easy to forget or not have time to eat, so a quick pick-me-up can really help save the day.
7. Cold Brew Coffee – Similar to the energy bar, a cute bottle of cold brew coffee will help everyone get through a long + tiring (but super fun) day. This is also a must have for the morning after!!
8. A Clutch, Pouch or Bag – Choose a fun bag to house all the essentials! We love the idea of picking one that matches with the colors or theme of the day and the bridesmaids will be able to use the bag again + again after the big day has passed!

Compeed Bandages

Bridesmaid Survival Kit

What do you think? Will you be putting together a Bridesmaid Survival Kit? What key pieces would go into yours? There are so many ways to customize a kit like this, but if we had to suggest one item that no kit would be without, it would be Compeed Blister Cushions!  A secret of stylish European women, who have been using Compeed for the past 30 years, this product is newly available in the states and we know from personal experience just how well they work! They can really come to the rescue at a special event like a wedding when the last thing anyone (especially the bride or groom) needs is something as small, but bothersome, as a blister ruining any of the fun!

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