DIY: Boho Woven Chargers


I just love these Boho Woven Chargers that Christy of One Handspun Day created. You might recognize these from the bridal shower we shared this morning (they were hanging from the trees), but they also work as plate chargers! So many ways to use them which I just love. I’ll let Christy take it away…

For many of you, the basis for this project is actually a throwback to your finger painting days. Remember making those lopsided circles on cardboard looms? Well, Free People took that childhood craft and made it all kinds of fabulous by giving it a boho vibe and using it to make rugs for their stores. Those rugs are the inspiration for this month’s project – boho woven chargers!

This project is a really easy one, so get creative with it. String on some beads as you weave, or tie in a few feathers or other pretty little objects. Crochet trimmings give a lovely effect when they are used close to the center of your charger – as you can see in both of the ones that I made. Braid a few pieces of yarn together before weaving them into your charger. Add rope, sequins, pompoms, tassels or anything else that pops out at you.

DIY Boho Charger - Materials

Assorted yarn & trim

Step One: Make the Cardboard Loom
Draw or trace a circle onto cardboard that is several inches larger in diameter than the size you want your finished charger to be (mine was approx. 20”). Cut out your circle. Use your ruler and pen to divide the circle into four equal pieces and continue drawing lines through the center halves of each section until your circle has 32 equal pie pieces. All of your lines should cross in the middle. Now cut approx. ½” into the top of each line along the outside edge of your circle. You now have a cardboard loom.


Step Two: String the Base
Next you are going to create the string base that you will use to weave your charger. Slide a long piece of yarn through one of the slits, leaving several inches on the backside of the loom. Tape down the extra yarn to the back of your cardboard loom to keep it snug in its place. Now pull your yarn straight down the loom to the opposite slit and slide it through (your string should follow one of the lines you drew). Pull the yarn up through the slit next to it and pull it tightly across the loom to the slit opposite it. It should cross over the first strand in the middle of your loom if you are doing it correctly. Continue doing this until all of the slits have been used, then secure the end of your yard to the back of the loom. Take a second piece of yarn or trim and tie it around the center of your string base so that all of the strands are tied together.

DIY Boho Charger - Step 3 Weave Closeup

DIY Boho Charger - Step 3 Weave Horiz

Step Three: Weave the Charger
Now for the fun part! Take the long end of the yarn that you used to tie the center and alternate weaving it over and under the strands of your loom. Pull tight as you go around the circle. Make sure that every row is the opposite of the row before it, resembling a checkerboard pattern. So, if you are weaving over a strand of your loom, then the strand on the previous row should have yarn going under it. After you have created a few rows switch up the color or texture by cutting your yarn and tying a new piece of yarn to the end of it. Continue doing this until your charger grows to the size you want it.

DIY Boho Charger - Step 4 Cut Back Horiz

DIY Boho Charger - Step 4 Tie Ends Horiz

Step Four: Finish the Weave
Once you are happy with the size of your charger, tie the end of the last yarn piece securely to the charger. Turn over the cardboard loom and cut through the center of each yarn section. Next, remove two neighboring pieces of yarn from their slits and tie them together. Repeat. Once all of the ends have been tied you can either tie some fun embellishments to them (tassels or pompoms would be darling!) or just cut the ends off. Now take a moment to admire your pretty boho charger before starting another one!

DIY Boho Charger - Finished Duo Closeup Horiz

Love that they work as plate chargers or hanging from a tree/ceiling for a fun backdrop! Can’t wait to see other ways you lovelies will use these chargers!

DIY Boho Charger - Finished Horiz Offcenter


DIY created by Christy of One Handspun Day exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Check out more of her designs at One Handspun Day! Bottom photo by Katie Pritchard Photography from this Bridal Shower. All other photos by Christy.