DIY: Beaded Sash

DIY Beaded Sash

We love a little bling to glam up a simple dress and these darling sashes crafted up by Christy of One Handspun Day pretty up wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses alike. And the best part? They are so easy to DIY! Here is how Christy did these…

DIY beaded sash materials

• Assorted Beads
• Embellishments (either purchase here or make your own with this tutorial for bead clusters)
• Grosgrain Ribbon
• Thread & Needle
• Scissors

Step One: Prep the Sash

Cut the grosgrain ribbon to its desired length. My sashes were each 120” long because I wanted them long in the back, but you could certainly make them much shorter.

Tip: If you are worried about fraying you can create a small hem at each end by folding end of the ribbon ¼” and sewing it into place… or skip the sewing and just dab a little glue along each edge!

Step Two: Attach the beads

If you are taking the easy approach and would like to save your fingers from too many clumsy needle attacks, then find or make embellishments to sew on your sash. If these pearl cluster embellishments tickle your fancy, then follow my tutorial to make some of your own! Then just add a few stitches to attach them to your sash and secure on the back with a few knots.


If you are practicing patience and have an episode of Project Runway to catch up on, then make sure you have a long piece of thread knotted and ready to go. Start from the middle of your sash by sewing the center bead/embellishment into place. Work outward from that bead and move in one direction (ex. to the right of the center), sewing each bead into place. Then repeat on the opposite side of the center bead.


DIY Beaded Sash - Finished Closeup Duo

For the second example, I chose a simple art deco inspired pattern because ever since I read Zelda I so very wish that I could transport back to the twenties in all of its roaring fabulousness. To copy my pattern start with a diamond shaped bead for the center. Create a sideways ‘V’ shape next to it using seed (small round beads) and bugle beads (long straight beads), alternating them to create each row (ex. seed, bugle, seed, bugle, seed). Repeat for each row and continue until the pattern reaches the desired size. Secure on the back with a few knots and repeat the process for the opposite side.

DIY Beaded Sash - Finished Mint Dress Closeup Horiz

When ready to wear, just tie a pretty bow in the back!

DIY Beaded Sash - Finished Bride Back Bow Horiz

DIY Beaded Sash - Finished Bride Detail Horiz

Voila! A lovely new accessory to dress up your frocks! And remember, we’d love to see if you make one of our DIY projects, so be sure to share with us on Instagram using the hashtag #GreenWeddingShoesDIY

We’ve had a lot of readers asking for details on the dress above, it’s Isla by Ruche. Unfortunately, it’s no longer for sale, but you maybe able to find similar looks at Ruche.

DIY created by Christy of One Handspun Day exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes. Check out more of her work at One Handspun Day. Thanks to Katie Pritchard Photography for all photos and Ruche for the pretty dress.