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If you follow our jewelry + wedding rings board on Pinterest you’re bound to see lots of one thing: GOLD. We’re gold fans through and through, so when we heard about + took a spin through their gorgeous site, well, you could say we felt right at home. LoveGold was created to inspire all things gold. They seek out the world’s most beautiful gold jewelry – the designers creating it and the people wearing it. By bringing you captivating stories, exclusive features, and unusual and unexpected jewelry pieces on their website + social media platforms, LoveGold is quickly becoming the “it” place to share, love, and find the world’s most amazing gold pieces.

Seeing how different designers + bloggers style and layer their stunning gold jewelry is one of our favorite things about the LoveGold website! So much good eye candy. And if you love checking out the latest jewelry styles, be sure to keep up with LoveGold on Pinterest to see so much more! Their fun boards are all about accessorizing with gold + they even have a few boards dedicated to weddings, engagements + bridesmaids! You’ll definitely want to check those out. :)

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