The Best Diamond Eternity Bands For Every Style

Diamond Emerald Eternity Band in Yellow Gold
Guilty of scrolling your Instagram feed looking for diamond eternity bands? Don’t worry you’re not alone. These rings are totally trending right now, and are not only a fabulous choice for a chic wedding band, but for an engagement ring, too! Symbolizing never-ending love, we can’t think of a better ring choice for 2022 brides-to-be.

So, if you’ve been thinking about purchasing a diamond eternity band (or dropping hints to your S.O.), and aren’t sure which style best matches your everyday look, you’ve come to the right place. We know it can be hard narrowing down which sparkler is right for you, and most importantly, will also look good on your ring finger. With so many different styles out there to choose from, we decided to team up with Diamond Mansion to showcase the best eternity bands for each style. Whether you’re perusing diamond eternity rings for your wedding band, engagement ring, or another monumental moment, check out our style guide below to find the perfect sparkler for you.

What Are Diamond Eternity Bands?

Diamond Emerald Eternity Band in Yellow Gold

These types of sparklers used to be most popular for wedding bands, but are now being bought as engagement rings for those who want an unconventional look. We’re looking at you trendsetter brides! Also, known as infinity rings, this popular jewelry piece typically includes a band of precious metal set with a continuous row of diamonds or gemstones to create a wow-worthy look. However, with different cuts and settings it can be a bit overwhelming walking into a jewelry store and finding the perfect band for you. From classic options, to trendy and modern, keep scrolling to find out which type of eternity band you should try.

The Best Eternity Bands for Brides With a Classic Style

Diamond Eternity Wedding Band

Round or princess-cut eternity bands are safe options if your personal style leans more traditional than modern or trendy. These types of diamonds are timeless and will never go out of style, just check out this oh-so elegant 5 Carat Round U Prong Eternity ring or this 4.5 Carat Princess Eternity Band, which are both perfect for those who have a classic everyday style.

Modern and Minimalist Brides Will Love These Rings


If you prefer clean and simple designs and are hoping to find a diamond eternity band that matches your modern style, we think you’ll love a baguette or floating eternity diamond band. This 1 Carat Venetian Baguette Eternity Band feels effortlessly elegant as well as this 2 Carat Floating Round Eternity Band. 


The Best Eternity Bands for Those With a Vintage Style 

Diamond Emerald Eternity Band

Emerald-cut diamonds definitely give off a dreamy Old World feel, especially when it comes to this 8 Carat Emerald Eternity Band. It’s also safe to say that you’ll catch yourself looking down at your hand all day long if you’re donning an emerald-cut sparkler like the one pictured above. 


For Fashion-Forward Brides, Try an Oval-Cut

Oval-cut diamonds are perfect for brides who love staying on top of all the latest trends. The elongated diamond-cut is a stunning choice for an eternity band and will make anyone feel chic and stylish. Just check out this 6 Carat Oval Eternity Band stunner to see what we mean.

Or Something Totally Unique

For those who really love making a fashion statement, we think a unique diamond eternity band would be the perfect choice for you. From mixed-shaped diamonds, such as this 1.80 Carats Mixed Shaped Diamond Eternity Band, to a floral-inspired Round and Marquise Diamond Eternity Band, you’ll certainly get compliments if you done unique style band.


Diamond Eternity Wedding Bands

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