Destination Planning Tips from Funjet

Plan a Destination Wedding with Fun Jet Weddings

How many of you lovelies are currently in the midst of planning a destination wedding? While we admit that we’re a little bit jealous of the idea that you’ll soon be celebrating your big day in an amazing location, we’re not so jealous of the colossal amount of planning that likely lies ahead to get you there! So when Weddings by Funjet, an amazing destination wedding concierge, offered to help us all out with 10 great tips for planning your destination wedding, we were all ears!

1. Pick the perfect spot. Deciding where you want your wedding to be located is more than just deciding the destination. Want a beach wedding, but then want to retire to a traditional ballroom?  There are options. Weddings by Funjet will help you determine which resorts have the venue space that is just right for you.

2. Determine a realistic budget. If you are honest with yourself and how much you want to spend, resorts will be happy to work with you and can make any dollar amount beautiful.


3. Be kind to your guests’ budget. Not only should you consider how much your guests may be able to spend to attend your wedding, but you should also give them ample time to plan for the expense. With Weddings by Funjet, you’ll have a personalized event webpage with all the details of your big day where guests can make their reservations individually while still getting a group discount.

4. Time it right. Look up common weather trends in your destination.  Unfortunately, it can rain almost any day in a tropical destination, though rain in the morning doesn’t mean it won’t be sunny in the afternoon. And don’t worry, even if it does rain, all resorts have back-up options.

5. Attend a dress rehearsal. Many resorts offer deeply discounted rates to preview your destination, location and rooms. Use this weekend getaway to show your mother the venue or pick out the cake with your fiancé.

6. Dress the part. Some wedding venues are right in the sand, others are on decks or terraces. Will you need runners or temporary dance floors set up? Weddings by Funjet will help you navigate what the resort offers, so you can plan your shoes accordingly.

7. Plan extra activities. Your destination wedding is a chance for your family and friends to reconnect. Plan a few outings or activities for everyone to make memories together.

Plan a Destination Wedding with Fun Jet Weddings

8. Start planning early, but know some resorts wait until 60 days out to nail down the details. In the meantime, work with your Weddings by Funjet Concierge to go over all the options and details.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, despite worries about language barriers and cultural differences. The Weddings by Funjet team knows these popular destinations, and will answer any questions you may have. The team is comprised of U.S.-based concierges who communicate directly with our on-the-ground partners in your destination of choice.

10. Use a Weddings by Funjet Concierge to make tips one through nine that much more simple and easy! :) To learn more about the services they offer to help make your destination wedding fun + stress-free, visit their website today!

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