Design Your Own Wedding Website with Squarespace

Design your wedding website with squarespace

Thank goodness these days you don’t have to actually know how to build a website to have one. With the beautifully designed, mobile-friendly wedding websites Squarespace has to offer, anyone (yep, anyone!) can create a customized, well-designed website with a couple of clicks (including those of you who need to build your wedding website!).

Creating an online presence for your wedding is almost non-negotiable these days. Your guests will use your website to RSVP, check the details for the day or weekend and browse your wedding registry. Squarespace’s beautifully designed website templates are simple + quick to set up. They’re customizable: you can choose your own domain name + share photos and videos through your own galleries. And since there’s nothing quite like seeing the real thing before you commit, let’s check out a few examples of just how good these websites really look…

squarespace wedding websites

squarespace wedding websites

Squarespace wedding websites not only look beautiful, but can help ease some of the tricky tasks that come along with planning a wedding. Using Squarespace, you can collect mailing addresses and RSVPs, post photos to your blog, and share important information with ease.


squarespace wedding websites

Want to quickly + easily share your save the date announcement with friends + family? Consider a Squarespace Cover Page! Cover Pages are amazing single-page mini sites that you can create in just minutes. It’ll give friends and family a preview of your wedding site + will help get them in the know now. Just choose an image and you’re halfway done!

We bet you’re ready to get started on Squarespace, right? Learn more about Squarespace’s user-friendly features + to begin setting up your own wedding website, visit

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