Design Your Dream Home with the Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry

Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry

While registering can just be flat-out fun, it’s also the perfect opportunity for the two of you to start to decide what your dream home looks like, and blend your individual styles to achieve a space that’s unique to you as a couple. Even if you’ve been living together for a while, chances are that hand-me-down couch you got in college, the cheap, chipped dishes in your cabinets, and the decorative objects around your place could probably all use a little upgrade. That’s why we love how Crate and Barrel’s wedding registry is filled with all the elevated basics you’ll need, plus exclusive items – including handmade objects from talented artisans – that will help you design a look for your home that’s beautiful + one-of-a-kind.

If we were lucky enough to be registering now ourselves, we’d probably focus on the rooms that are the most expensive + most difficult to furnish: the dining room, living room and bedroom. A little help with some of those big ticket items (like rugs, bedroom furniture and a couch) will go a long way, and the fun decorative objects you can add to your registry will help you accessorize your gorgeous, newly-designed home. We’d also definitely take advantage of the fact that Crate and Barrel offers couples a 10% discount on all remaining items on their registry, too.

So, create your Crate& Barrel Wedding Registry now and then use the items below to help build it out!

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Living Room Picks

Crate & Barrel Living Room Picks

Our Living Room picks: 1. Mini Potted Succulents // 2. Anice Black Hand Knotted Rug // 3. Petrie Midcentury Apartment Sofa // 4. Cleo Brass Tripod Table Lamp // 5. Pillar Candle Holders // 6. Pelliccia Mongolian Sheepskin Pillows // 7. Cavett Wood Frame Chair

Dining Room Picks

Crate & Barrel Bedroom Picks

Our Dining Room picks: 1. Ceramic Vases // 2. Moscow Mule Mug // 3. Clive 6-Arm Bronze Chandelier // 4. Yukon Natural Dining Table // 5. Harper 20-Piece Copper Flatware Set // 6. Lyle Metal Dining Chair // 7. Jars Tourron Celeste Dinner Plate // 8. Libations Bar Cart

Bedroom Pickscrate_registry_bedroom_picks

Our Bedroom picks: 1. Amazing Wooden Beds // 2. Perfectly Designed Pillows with Details // 3. Pelliccia Mongolian Sheepskin Pillows // 4. Modern Nightstands // 5. Clarendon Large Round Wall Mirror // 6. Clean Wall Sconce // 7. Emlyn Basket // 8. Pillar Candle Holders

What did you think of our registry picks? Peruse Crate and Barrel yourself now and set up your own wedding registry with just a couple of clicks! Want to see the pieces you’re eyeing in person?

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