Decorating Your First Home Together with Crate & Barrel

For those moving into their first apartment or house together — congrats!! With that comes the delicate dance around what you two should keep, toss or donate, and some serious reflection about what your decorating style will be. And while you may already have some core pieces (bed + couch), you don’t know where to go from there… Are you a couple that loves the laid-back + California cool vibes? Perhaps your style is more “Modern Boho”. What about the clean lines and traditionally monochromatic palette of Scandinavian design? Or maybe you fancy a rustic farmhouse, something inspired by the French countryside? What about urban, edgy + industrial? Maybe you dig a little of all four of those design schemes (or none at all, that’s cool, too!) Well, to give you a little boost of inspiration + help the design process along, we’ve curated four inspiration collections from Crate and Barrel!

Oh, and a major bonus? All these pieces are super easy to add to your registry on Crate and Barrel! Don’t have a registry there? Don’t worry — that’s simple to set up, too. :) Or if you really want to get inspired + find all the goodies you’ll need in your new home, you can find a *Private Registry Event* at a Crate and Barrel near you!

P.S. That gorgeous home above is none other than actress Brittany Snow’s – which she designed with the help of Crate and Barrel!

From Top to Bottom: Fruit Basket with Rustic Handle // Set of Two Culinary Herb Prints // Geoffrey 36″ Round Wood Chandelier  // Clamp Canisters with Chalkboard // Landyn Sesame Throw // Harbor White Bed // Beck Tray // French Kitchen Marble Rolling Pin // Farmhouse Blue Stripe Dish Towel  // Marin Blue Place Setting // Wicker Laundry Basket 

This style is relaxed and has sweet accents of light blue or pastel hues. We especially love the woven basket (for anything + everything), and the shabby-chic look of the bed frame!


From Top to Bottom: Morgan Black Sconce // One Liner Pittie Print // Loft Kitchen Canisters // Olin Black Striped Cotton Rug // French Press // Pelliccia Silver Grey Pillow // Petrie Felt Grey Sofa // KitchenAid White on White Mixer // Lima Alpaca Grey Throw // Black Silicone Cup // Felix White Dining Chair

For this style, it’s all about clean lines, a primarily monochromatic palette (splashes of color here and there can make really fun surprises.) Make sure to add lots of cozy throw blankets like the one above + textured pillows.

From Top to Bottom: Rowden Pouf // Swimmers Print //  Morris Ash Grey Nightstand // Potted Artificial Jade Plant // Adra Vase // Perry Short Turquoise Vase // Emlyn Basket // Envision Print // Strut Teak Bookcase // Crosby Teak Wood Lanterns  // Beverly Palms Banana Leaf Print // Trevor Leather Apartment Sofa

How rad is that sofa?! We’re big fans of all the modern, yet inviting wood pieces, too. Tip: To liven up the walls — create a gallery with several of your favorite framed prints!

From Top to Bottom: Orbit Plus Turntable // Atwell Pendant Light // Galvanized 22″ Wall Clock // Brenner Grey 20″ Velvet Pillow // Hario Buono Stainless Steel Tea Kettle // Atwood Chest // Galvanized Flatware Caddy // Lyle Backless Bar Stool // Forsyth Bed

A few hallmarks of the industrial chic style include: a focus on metals, especially silver, pewter + anything galvanized; exposed architectural elements or pipes – like the pendant light above; distressed + repurposed wood accents, such as the wooden chest.

So do you have a favorite? Is your style a mix of a few of the above, or something completely different? We’d love to hear what you’re thinking and see the items you pick for your registry at Crate and Barrel!

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