Custom Engagement Rings from Brilliance

Brilliance Rings

The next few months are the most popular for couples to get engaged, so I know there will be quite a few of you lucky lovelies shopping for the perfect engagement ring soon! If you’re all about couture and want to design your own ring, but fear it would be out of your budget….I have a welcomed surprise for you today.

Today we’re introducing custom engagement rings from Brilliance! When you work with Brilliance to create your own ring, you’ll have one of their five in-house designers using the latest CAD design technolog to bring your designs to life!

Surprisingly, the process is pretty simple…




A few things to consider when you work with Brilliance:

  1. They have in house casting machines, which gives them a better handle on quality control to ensure you’re completely satisfied with your ring.
  2. Since they’re an online retailer, they can offer a great value on their designer rings.

The perfect place to design a truly unique + custom ring without breaking the bank. :) And a few of my favorite rings from their collections.

Brilliance Custom Engagement Rings

Click here for details on their custom engagement rings. And they’re currently offering a giveaway on their site for free diamond earrings (a $5625 value) which you can enter here.