Mix It Up! Creative + Meaningful Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Creative + Meaningful Ceremony Unity Ideas

Every wedding ceremony includes the same foundational steps: an address, expression of intent, vows, rings + pronouncement. Traditional weddings also pop in a unity ceremony as the symbolic conclusion to the vows. It takes place before the exchange of rings, and typically involves a unity candle. This meaningful act is so lovely. But what’s even better is seeing modern couples put their own creative + personal twists on these monumental moments! From planting a tree to crafting a beer, many couples are daring to be different, and making their mark on their wedding day with these creative wedding ceremony ideas!

These creative unity spins will inspire you to think about your ceremony more, and maybe even introduce something completely new for the two of you – uniquely you!

Wrapped in Love

Wedding ceremony unity ideas

Wedding ceremony unity ideas

photog: Phil Chester | from this intimate, eco-friendly wedding featured on GWS

Ooh a ceremonial fire!  Guests are able to bless the couple individually by placing a candle in the ceremonial fire and saying a few loving words. Another option is to literally wrap yourselves in a unity blanket, symbolizing love + the comfort you’ll forever bring each other.

Wedding ceremony unity ideas

photog: Amber Vickery Photography

Lasso Love Ceremony Idea

Wedding ceremony unity ideas

photog: Kindred Weddings | venue: Redgate Ranch | event design: Brown Paper Design | florals: Brown Paper Design | as seen in this multicultural glamping wedding on GWS

Forever connected. The wedding lasso symbolizes everlasting love + unity. It can be as simple as a string of flowers placed around the shoulders of the couple – maybe in a figure eight shape that further represents infinite love.

Unity Wine Pour

Wedding ceremony unity ideas

photographer: Leah Marie Photography | florals: Societe Fine Flowers  | venue: Callaway Winery

Red, red wine! How simply sweet? This couple opted to blend two wines together for their unity ceremony. Blending wines + blending lives.

Wedding Ceremony Ideas – Breaking Bread

Wedding ceremony unity ideas

photographer: Autumn Nicole Photography | venue: Bailey’s Palomar Resort | as seen in this romantic boho wedding 

A handwritten vow exchange + first communion as husband as wife seems simple, but oh-so-monumental. A meaningful moment for the couple and everyone to witness.

Let Love Grow

Wedding ceremony unity ideas

photographer: Alysha Miller Photography | planning + design: Yosemite Area Events | venue: Glacier Point Amphitheater| dress: Wear Your Love XO

Maybe it’s our green thumb, but we’re ALL ABOUT this unity tree planting idea. A sapling is planted, and needs love + care to flourish beautifully.

From Hawaii With Love

wedding ceremony unity ideas

photog: Bear Warner Photography | planning + design: Rosewood Weddings | florals: Posies + Pine

These double strand orchid leis were used in lieu of a unity candle. The bride + groom had their Maid of Honor/Best Man lei them in congratulation of their new commitment + union!

Wedding Ceremony Ideas – The Best Brew

Wedding ceremony unity ideas Wedding ceremony unity ideas

photographer: Deidre Lynn Photography 

Beer lovers out there? This couple combined their favorite brews, making for a hoppy unity ceremony and a fun way to express themselves as a brand new unit! Crisp, cool + connected forever.

Jump The Broom

Wedding ceremony unity ideas

photog: Stephanie Rogers Photography | venue: The Studio HTX

Many couples include jumping the broom at the end of their wedding ceremonies as a tribute to tradition. ‘Jumping the broom’ is a celebratory phrase synonymous with getting married and ‘tying the knot!’

Yes! The options are endless for your unity ceremony. And why not shake things up, and make it true to you? Cheers to that.