30 Craft Kits to Get Your DIY On at Home

craft kits

Nothing eases the mind and passes the time like a good craft kit. Really! Psychologists claim that creating + crafting has similar effects as mediation. It can ease anxiety and absorb thoughts that may have otherwise gone down a more negative path. (If you’ve ever used all your brainpower to focus on a pattern or a puzzle, you know this is true.)

You’ll certainly find plenty of DIYs on GWS (including this how-to that continues to top the list year after year). Below we’ve compiled a REALLY fun list of craft kits and boxes that come complete with every material you need to make a wall hanging/scrunchie/clay pot/tube of lip balm — the list literally goes on. Perfect for those of us who would love to get crafty during quarantine without the pressure to, say, create the next great American novel.

So, find a new hobby, get those hands moving, and let’s make something!

Woven Craft Kits

boho rainbow craft kit

DIY Fiber Boho Rainbow Craft Kit $17 (Multiple Colors)

DIY Macrame Kit Beginner Level $24.90

DIY Macramé Wall Hanging $34

Macrame Rope Bag Craft Kit $21+

Weaving Loom Kit (Multiple Colors Available + Pattern Included) $48

Woven Wall Hanging Kit (Multiple Colors Available + Pattern Included) $112

Needle + Thread Craft Kits

Modern Plant Beginner Embroidery Kit $28+

Prickly Pear Cactus Embroidery Kit  $30

Build Your Own Pibione Pillow (Price Varies)

Punch Embroidery Kit $14 (Sale)

DIY Punch Needle Kit (Multiple Colors + Sizes) $103+

Sew Your Own Scrunchie Craft Kit $10.36

Jewelry Making Kits

DIY Friendship Bracelet Kit $20 (plus extra 50% off with code GOODVIBES)

craft kit

DIY Keychain Painting Kit $30

Star and Moon DIY Necklace Kit $35 (plus extra 50% off with code GOODVIBES)

DIY Earring Painting Kit $27

Candle Making Kits

DIY Beeswax Candle Making Kit $6

Build Your Own Soy Wax Candle Kit $16+

Make Your Own Organics + Botanics

DIY Organic Soap Kit $37

Flower Press Craft Kit $7 (Sale)

DIY Lip Balm Kit $26

Italian Cheese Making Kit $36

DIY Tie Dye Kits

Shibori Indigo Natural Dye Kit with 2 Tote Bags $40

DIY Tie-Dye Kit $18

Paper + Paint Craft Kits

Paint By Numbers Kit $14 (Sale)

DIY Album Craft Kit with Stickers $12.50 (Sale)

Clay Pot Kit $12

Craft Kits for Kids

Kids Craft Kit Garden Banner $12

Sock Sloth Craft Kit $13

Craft Boogie Monthly Subscription Boxes $35+

And be sure to check out these Art Subscription boxes from Crate Joy! So many great options – and more added each month!

Happy crafting, friends!