Corks as Art for Your Wedding

Happy Earth Day! I hope you’ve been enjoying all our posts this week in honor of Earth Day. Today I wanted to share the Earth Day campaign Anthropologie has been a part of this month – all about corks! They teamed up with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA) to promote the use of natural corks. Did you know that corks are 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable? A perfect piece to incorporate into your wedding day decor maybe? :) If you’ve been in an Anthropologie store in the past month, you probably saw their amazing displays with cork – and each store is different! I’ve been to 4 of them this past month and they are all different and all so inspiring.  I think these could lead to some wedding day decor inspiration, right?

dyed corks

painting corks

anthropologie cork art

Corks as part of a creative backdrop – and by dying and/or painting them it really creates beautiful patterns!

anthropologie cork wall art

anthropologie cork art

Or maybe hanging corks by a string for a unique look…

anthropologie cork art

anthropologie cork art

Or my favorite, these cork balls combined with succulents! So pretty, perfect and eco-friendly! Plus, all of these will last long after the wedding day – major bonus!

anthropologie cork art succulents

anthropologie cork art

anthropologie cork displays

If you love the idea of turning cork into art, Anthropologie stores are hosting instore workshops showing you how to do just this! There are a bunch this evening and tomorrow, check here for the schedule.

Oh, and love these but know you can’t collect that many corks to create one of your own? Well, the installations will actually be available for “adoption” after Earth Day, in exchange for a contribution to CFCA. How cool is that?? And the remaining corks will be returned to the organization and recycled through its Cork ReHarvest program.

photo credits: top 5 from Anthropologie’s Facebook page, next 5 from here, 2 from my iphone, next 4 from Anthropologie, next 2 from here, last 2 from Anthropologie