Collect Photos From Your Guests’ Phones with Wedding Party

Some of you may remember when every wedding you attended would have disposable cameras at each table, so guests could take candid photos and then leave the camera for the bride and groom to keep and get developed? Most of the cameras would go unreturned and the couple would end up paying to develop a lot of photos that were not so great. Well, it was only a matter of time until there was an app to simplify the entire process!

With the Wedding Party app, your guests can share their photos from your wedding events in one, easily accessible spot. To further simplify your life, Wedding Party is offering the service with and you’ll be able to create your own app as well as create a wedding website to match your app!

Perfect for all those fun moments your family + friends capture that your professional photographer just isn’t able to catch while they’re focusing on the bride + groom. You can instantly stream your guests pictures and notes captured on Wedding Party directly to your wedding website on and to share with your guests that didn’t make it to your wedding. They’ll be able to follow your wedding from their homes in real time! Pretty rad, right?

Another cool feature with the Wedding Party app is that all of your wedding pictures + notes from your guests go into one album on your phone. It’s like carrying your digital guestbook & wedding album in your pocket! Plus, you can view your wedding photos immediately on your wedding website. Oh, and did I mention the app is free to download? Always a major bonus :) You can download the app on iTunes.