BriteCo Insurance Makes Insuring Your Engagement Ring Easy and Stress-Free

Quick — name your most treasured possession. If you’re newly engaged, the answer is simple: your engagement ring! While you may not want to think about anything ever happening to your most sentimental piece of jewelry, it’s always best to be prepared (especially when diamonds are involved). That’s where engagement ring insurance comes in.

Although insuring your ring may not be the first thing on your mind after you say “I do,” it’s important to get covered as soon as possible. But, if we know anything about wedding planning, it’s that you probably don’t have a lot of free time. That’s why we want to introduce you to BriteCo Insurance.

Instead of adding “figure out insurance” to your already ultra-long to-do list, BriteCo can get you covered in minutes. You heard that right — minutes! That means you can insure your engagement ring in the time it takes you to travel from your first venue tour to your engagement party.

But BriteCo doesn’t stop there! It also offers a cutting-edge digital platform that makes getting coverage easy, convenient, and affordable. In other words, they check off all the boxes when it comes to insuring that beloved rock on your finger.

Let’s take a look at what makes BriteCo a go-to provider for modern couples.

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Engagement rings are a meaningful (and sparkly) symbol of your love, which means you probably want to wear yours everywhere. But rocking your ring on the daily comes with a certain level of risk — you could accidentally lose it, damage it, or even have it stolen. Stay safe, not sorry, with BriteCo. They ensure that you’re always fully covered, whether you’re chilling at home with your newly betrothed or trotting the globe on your honeymoon.


It can be hard enough choosing between cocktails and live music when cutting wedding costs. BriteCo’s policies are affordable and include no deductibles, so you’ll never have to pay extra to have your engagement ring replaced. Plus, they offer monthly payment options and discounts for an annual payment. That means more money for your decor budget!


If there’s one word for couples planning a wedding, it’s BUSY. BriteCo makes it quick and easy for you to send appraisal documents from your local jewelry store — so you can spend more time on the fun stuff, like choosing a dress to match your new bling. Plus, they’ll automatically adjust the insurance replacement value of your ring each year to reflect any changes in the market, saving you the hassle of getting it re-appraised.


You’ve found “the one” when it comes to love, and you should be just as particular when vetting your insurance provider! BriteCo is all green flags with an A+ rating from both AM Best and S&P. They’re also licensed in all 50 states and are partnered with over 2,400 jewelers.

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