Bring Hygge Into Your Home with Crate & Barrel

Bring Hygge into your home with Crate and Barrel

In the past few years you’ve probably stumbled upon the Danish word of “hygge,” and wondered what the heck is that? The word was probably paired with Pinterest-worthy rooms — ones filled with plush pillows, cozy blankets, copious amounts of candles, and an overall feeling of coziness. Ring a bell? In essence, hygge, pronounced “HOO-gyah” (or something similar to that), is the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures: friends, family, and being cozy. For those in the Nordic region, where winters run long and dark – it’s vital for one’s well-being to find things that make them happy, to compensate for the lack of sunlight. To combat winter blues, the Danes focus on getting cozy by lighting hundreds of candles, wrapping themselves in wool blankets, sipping on something delicious (mulled wine or hot cocoa, anyone?), and enjoying the company of others. As Denmark has consistently been voted one of the happiest countries in the world, we think they’re on to something.

It’s said that hygge is not meant to be translated, but rather felt. Candlelight is hygge (according to the European Candle Association, Danes burn more candles per head than anywhere in Europe); doing things that make you feel good — especially creating an interior that makes you happy, is hygge. Interiors that exude this are, first and foremost, sanctuaries of cozy comfort; natural tones of grey, blue, and cream round out the color palette, along with wooden furniture, and a touch of marble or clean white. Furry rugs and plush pillow accents allow you to truly melt into the environment. Surround yourself with things that make you feel good, and also tackle any kind of clutter (it’s not good for the soul).

In an effort to create this warm + inviting feeling that seems to be popping up everywhere (for good reason), we’ve gathered a few of our favorite pieces from Crate and BarrelAll these items are super easy to add to your registry on Crate and Barrel, too! Don’t have a registry there? No worries, it’s pretty simple to set up! Perhaps, you really want to get inspired + find all the goodies to create a hygge feeling? Well, you can receive expert advice at the *Private Registry Event* at a Crate and Barrel near you!

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Now, are you ready to find out how to bring heart-warming hygge into your living room, bedroom, and bathroom? Let’s embrace all the goodness that comes with it!

Living Room Finds

Comfort is key when choosing furniture + throws — candles, couches, and cozy blankets can truly frame the space and create an atmosphere that encourages communal gathering. We’re particularly fond of the natural accents, such as the wooden dining table, birch logs, and cheese board. For this room, we focused on neutral and muted colors, along with a comforting touch of indigo; these hues are meant to be soothing and relaxing.

From Top to Bottom: Hue Navy Blue Mugs Set of Four // Big Sur Natural Dining Tables // Chemex 6-Cup Coffeemaker with Wood Collar // Korman Natural Throw // Set of 3 Birch Logs // Lounge II 3-Piece Sectional Sofa // Lina Blue Stripe Coffee Mug // Baxter Indigo Blue Wool Rug // Artesia Bread Baskets // Olivewood Cheese Board // White Pillar Candles

Bedroom Finds

For the bedroom, play with textures and create a space that encourages you to unwind. We’re pretty keen on a fuzzy rug (can you imagine stepping onto it first thing in the morning?), and soft, serene colors. Natural light and candlelight are best — create a retreat for yourself, and perhaps even make it a space without screens (no TV, phone, or computer), to allow it to truly be an oasis.


From Top to Bottom: Brenner 20″ Velvet Pillow // Crosby Teak Wood Lanterns // Set of 4 Paper Twig Branches // Set of 4 Flameless White Votive Candles with Timer // Buco Off-White Pouf // Weldon Aqua Throw // Frame Log Holder // Sheepskin Ivory Throw/Rug // Cleo Table Lamp // Pelliccia Silver Grey Pillow // Delia Large Seafoam Vase


From Top to Bottom: Teak Ladder // Loop Midnight Bath Rug // Lavender-Scented Inclusion Candle // Wicker Laundry Basket // Delia Medium Periwinkle Vase // Pure Bath Accessories // Ribbed Grey Bath Towels // Stretto Nero Noce Cabinet // Hidden Path Print

Clean and uncluttered, rounded out by rustic and natural elements — this is the kind of bathroom we LOVE. Can you imagine taking a bath in this space, especially with a lit lavender-scented candle? Here, you can mix-and-match the towels and washcloths with hues of grey, ivory, indigo, or periwinkle blue!

It’s really no surprise that hygge sounds a bit like hug. So how would you bring hygge into your home? We’d love to hear how and see the items you pick for your registry at Crate and Barrel!

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