Bouquets Fit For a Foodie

bouquet with artichoke

I think this is such a fun idea for the foodie bride or bride who loves to cook – why not incorporate some of your favorite veggies into your bouquet? Such a cool way to make your bouquet totally one-of-a-kind and YOU. We’ve put together a few bouquets to help inspire you and I hope this helps you think about your flowers in a whole new way. :) First up, are gorgeous baby purple artichokes. I think they are SO pretty and lend perfectly to a bouquet. We picked up these beauties from the local farmer’s market and stuck them into a skewer stick to mix in the bouquet. We also incorporated some gorgeous green ranunculuses, green + purple wheat, a green moss flower (Dianthus Green Ball) and some seed pods. Pretty gorgeous, right?

purple artichoke bouquet

Next up, we wanted to use pretty heirloom carrots. Not only are these one of my favorite veggies, they are super pretty also coming in oranges, purples, whites and yellows. We choose some orange/purple carrots and also incorporated some dark purple kale, the green wheat, dianthus green ball and the sun star flower which reminded me of asparagus tops -but with flowers. So pretty!

carrot and asparagus bouquet

We really wanted to showcase the pretty green artichoke also. Mixed with ornamental kale, dill, pretty blue thistles and some ranunculus it makes a unique bouquet.

artichoke and kale bouquet

Sometimes the simplest bouquets are perfectly pretty like this simple bouquet made of a bunch of ornamental kale.

kale bouquet

And let’s not forget the groom! Pretty veggie boutonnieres for him. Left to right: wheat + a tiny green ranunculus, mini carrot, dill + thistle.

carrot boutonniere

I picture the flower girl carrying this pretty strainer with a purple cabbage in it – super cute!

flower girl cabbage

And a few simple ideas for the table..pretty purple cabbages + white radishes flanked with mason jars holding purple artichokes, green ranunculus and a pale pink flower. There are lots of ideas for centerpieces, so hope this gets you thinking.

artichoke centerpieces with white mason jars

Anyone thinking of incorporating any veggies or fruit into their bouquet? I’d love to hear your ideas. :)

All photos + bouquets by Green Wedding Shoes