Bottle Your Brand

This morning I wanted to introduce you guys to Bottle Your Brand. Bottle Your Brand is a site where you can design your own labels or create a custom label from their layouts for wine, beer, water or other fun favors for your wedding. Also, no need to worry about printing, cutting and trimming the labels yourself – they do all of that for you. :) They also have waterproof labels for the water bottles and all the labels are completely self-adhesive.

custom food labels

bottom left photo from this wedding photographed by Anna Kuperberg and the jars on the right are from here.

Having custom labels at your wedding is such a fun + personal touch for the day. I absolutely love all the labels from this wedding seen below that I shared a few months ago.

custom beer labels

Or being super creative and coming up with a fun soda bar like this one above by Eat Drink Chic. Below are some of the sample templates Bottle Your Brand offers for you to customize.

bottle your brand labels

I just love custom wine bottles for a wedding, bridal shower or rehearsal dinner. They are perfect as a centerpiece for the table or even as gift for your guests.

custom wine labels

top left photo from Martha Stewart, Alli Coate, André Teixeira via hereBrandi Valenza

Ok, time to get designing! :) Check out Bottle Your Brand to learn more about all the different products they offer. Don’t forget to check out their blog where they share fun ideas with their products too.

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