Biodegradable Confetti For Your Wedding

biodegradable confetti for wedding exit

If you are thinking of confetti for your wedding day, you are most likely looking for biodegradable confetti – or perhaps something even more natural! Long gone are the days when artificial confetti was the go-to option to shower a newlywed couple with. Not only is it difficult to clean up, but it is not biodegradable, therefore damaging to the natural environment. In an age where global warming, pollution and climate change is ruining our planet, finding sustainable alternatives and doing our part for the planet has been more important than ever! Sustainability is not only necessary, but in recent years it has become somewhat stylish, too.

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1. Biodegradable Confetti

biodegradable confetti for your wedding day
via The Confetti Farm Store

Sometimes we just want to stick to tradition. Confetti is fun and colorful, making it the most picture-perfect decoration. Luckily, no compromises need to be made as biodegradable confetti now exists. Made with natural, dye-free materials, choose from a range of biodegradable confetti options and make your wedding exit dreams a reality!! This company makes lots of great biodegradable confetti options.

For a big WOW moment, we love these eco-friendly confetti poppers – the confetti is made with water-soluble rice paper so once it gets wet, it just dissolves! They are SO fun and a great way to impress your guests outside in the open air in an eco-friendly manner!! We just shared a TikTok capturing this moment that will convince you that you need a confetti cannon for your wedding day!

2. Dried Flowers as Biodegradable Confetti

dried flowers as biodegradable confetti for wedding
flower confetti from Bloomers & Bites

If you want the same effect as a confetti mix slowly falling from the air, dried flowers are the way to go. You can ask your florist for basketfuls of petal confetti, buy freeze-dried petals online or DIY your own confetti by drying out flowers. If stored in a cool, dry place this confetti can last for up to a year. Therefore, it is perfect to make over a period of time and store for your wedding day. And they make confetti poppers with dried flowers as well!

Pro Tip – some sellers of freeze dried petals even let you select your color palette for dried flowers which we are all about!

3. Butterflies Flower Seed Confetti 

butterflies flower seed eco-friendly confetti
via Recycled Ideas Favors

Small but sweet, these seed paper butterflies would make a wonderful addition for your wedding. They are also perfect to scatter on reception tables for a pop of color or to tuck into favors. Instead of creating waste, they can be planted to grow!

4. Bird Seed

birdseed packets

Historically, birdseed has been one of the original alternatives to artificial confetti. Not only will the birds flock to you as you throw it, creating for a stunning photo opportunity but every seed will be eaten or develop into new flowers. By using birdseed, you are actually nurturing the environment rather than harming it. Put the birdseed in recyclable paper pouches or cones that state ‘for the love birds’ for that extra fun touch.

5. Artificial Snowflakes as Your Biodegradable Confetti

artificial snow confetti found here

Artificial snowflakes can create a gorgeous effect of snow falling over the newlyweds, which would look perfect for a fall or winter wedding. The best thing about artificial snowflakes is that they dissolve instantly once in contact with water. So not only is it a self-cleaning confetti option but a sustainable one too.

6. Lavender Confetti

dried lavender for your wedding

Who doesn’t like the smell of lavender? As well as walking out of the wedding venue to a lovely, delicate scent, the dried crop will add a burst of color and texture to your wedding photos. Lucky for you, you can find lots of great options online and get it delivered to you!.

7. Leaves as Biodegradable Confetti

leaves as confetti via LaMiaCasa

Leaves may not sound like the most appealing natural alternative to confetti, however if it is done right it can create a beautiful effect outside the wedding venue. Simply choose some fresh-smelling leaves and purchase a heart-shaped hole punch. One leaf will create plenty of heart-shaped biodegradable confetti pieces which can be used immediately – or dried to preserve for your big day.

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