33 Best Mocktail Recipes You Won’t Believe Are Non-Alcoholic

best mocktail recipes with summer fig and rosemary garnish
non alcoholic drink photo: Gabby Yerden on Unsplash

Sacrificing flavor does not have to be your reality if you’re sober curious or planning to host sober guests. And the best mocktail recipes have all of the delicious flavor, without the headache tomorrow morning. Say less!

Whether you’re giving up alcohol for a temporary period of time or you’re dedicated to a journey with non alcoholic drinks (amazing!), we’ve curated the most delicious list of the best mocktail recipes sure to impress your taste buds.

From fruity summer mocktails to bold holiday bevies to the classic cocktail flavors, we’re pretty sure we’ve found your new signature drink.

Ready to skip the hangover? These are the best mocktail recipes you won’t believe are non-alcoholic.

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Best Easy Mocktail Recipes

easy non alcoholic margarita best mocktail recipes
Non Alcoholic Margarita Recipe via A Couple Cooks

This one’s for anyone who doesn’t have the time to mess around with complicated recipes and complicated bar tools. Our list of the best easy mocktail recipes makes drinking your favorite non alcoholic drink a total breeze.

We love an easy mocktail recipe. They’re perfect for your sober friends, your bestie that shared *THAT* exciting news… and well, for every occasion!

Our collection of the best easy mocktail recipes have simple steps with incredible flavor and easy clean up. Plus, most of the ingredients are interchangeable, so you can really have fun with the way you mix up the flavors!

A messy night out is not in the cards when these delicious (and simple!) non alcoholic drinks are on the table. So let’s grab our cute mixers and glasses and get shaking. Here are the best easy mocktail recipes!

1. Classic Mimosa Easy Mocktail Recipe

non alcoholic summer mimosa easy best mocktail recipes with orange slice garnish

non alcoholic mimosa drinks: Simple Joy

Calling our weekly brunch bunch! Of course we’re start off the best easy mocktail recipes with the iconic brunch go-to: mimosas! Is it really brunch if you didn’t pair your breakfast with this classic?

With just three ingredients, this mimosa mocktail recipe is perfect for an early or late start to your morning.

Other than the darling orange slice garnish, we recommend pairing it with fresh OJ from this orange juice squeezer. There’s nothing like fresh orange juice to kick off your Sunday morning brunch. Yes please!

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2. Citrus Moscow Mule Easy Mocktail Recipe

summer citrus moscow mule easy best mocktail recipes with ginger beer

non alcoholic Moscow mule drinks: Skinny Taste

This orange moscow mule is so easy to make and will definitely be a crowd favorite!

Your daily dose of Vitimin C is in reach with this citrus packed twist on the classic moscow mule. In only 4 minutes you’ll have a best mocktail recipe crowd favorite on your hands!

This darling set of moscow mule mugs comes with everything you need to serve your favorite new easy mocktail recipe! Plus, they will look so cute on your bar cart.

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3. Tangy + Spicy Bloody Mary Easy Mocktail Recipe

bloody mary easy best mocktail recipes with celery and lemon garnish

non alcoholic Bloody Mary drinks: Make Mine a Mocktail

Another brunch favorite, no list of the best easy mocktail recipes would be complete without a non alcoholic bloody mary.

Without sacrificing the flavor of a savory + spicy bloody mary, this easy mocktail recipe is best for our classic cocktail lovers (and anyone who believes brunch is incomplete without a little kick to start their day).

Of course, we recommend garnishing with the typical line up; olives, celery, cheese and peppers. If you’re hosting, set up a garnish station to let your guests choose their perfect line up of extra flavor.

Check out this bloody mary kit for everything you need to make the perfect bloody mary. Yum!

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4. Summery Citrus Paloma Easy Mocktail Recipe

club soda summer citrus paloma easy best mocktail recipes with thyme garnish

non alcoholic citrus paloma drinks: The Wooden Skillet

Could there be a more delicious summer combo than grapefruit and blood orange?! We think not.

This easy mocktail recipe is one of the best options for summertime poolside hangs and hot summer days at the beach. We’re obsessed. It’s citrusy, savory, and and quite frankly the perfect drink for a summer dinner party or wedding.

We really think that topping off your mocktail with a garnish like thyme or an orange wedge makes your recipe look a lot fancier than it was to make (and adds a layer of complexity to your non alcoholic drink that just can’t be beat).

In just 5 easy steps you’ll be serving up a flavor-packed mocktail that everyone will be raving about!

Mocktail Recipe Pro Tip: Check out these champagne glasses to serve your mocktails in!

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5. Vanilla and Lime Ginger Ale Easy Mocktail Recipe

vanilla and lime ginger ale best mocktail recipes for morning sickness

non alcoholic vanilla and lime ginger ale drinks: Plate Fete

Looking for a cure to morning sickness? We’re kind of in love with this vanilla + ginger easy to make mocktail recipe. So many women swear by ginger to curb morning sickness, and the addition of fresh lime is another go-to flavor to keep those horrible food aversions away.

We won’t lie, there’s nothing better than a mocktail recipe that’s cuts down on ingredients and is easy to make, and this one accomplishes exactly that.

Ginger, lime and vanilla will greet your tastebuds like an old friend. Ginger and lime give that fresh kick, and warm vanilla soothes the stomach with a classic no-fuss flavor.

P.S. This easy mocktail couldn’t look cuter in a gold monogrammed glass like these beauties.

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6. Mermaid Water Easy Mocktail Recipe

kid friendly non alcoholic summer mermaid drink best easy mocktails

non alcoholic mermaid drink: The Momma Diaries

This easy mocktail recipe is was mer-MADE for summer!

Let the electrolytes flow with this easy summer mocktail recipe that has…gatorade! A non alcoholic drink that’s perfect for adults and kiddos alike? Perfect for busy parents.

Other than the easy recipe, we love this mocktail because everyone at the pool party can partake in the fun.

A mermaid mocktail deserves a tropical finishing touch, don’t you think? These adorable, reusable drink stirrers pair perfectly with your summer mocktail!

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7. “The New Mother” Easy Mocktail Recipe

summer juice blend easy best mocktail recipes

non alcoholic juice blend drink: Culinary Hill

The best easy mocktail recipes know how to keep it extra simple, and this non alcoholic drink, lovingly called the “New Mother Mocktail” totally delivers on that. Because let’s be honest, new mamas don’t have time to concoct complicated mocktails.

We love how this delicious recipe combines orange, cranberry, and apple juice for a rich and zingy punch. Only 104 calories per serving and your daily dose of Vitamin C? Yes please!

And with 5 stars and 35 satisfied sippers, it’s safe to say this is a crowd favorite.

Keep the refills flowing with this glass carafe. A must-have when serving guests! You’ll be the perfect host and your guests won’t miss a drop of this delicious, easy mocktail recipe.

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8. Fruity Coconut Water Spritzer Easy Mocktail Recipe

seltzer and coconut water easy best mocktail recipes with summer fruit

summer fruit non alcoholic drink: How Sweet Eats

You can’t go wrong with a fruity summer mocktail recipe, especially when coconut water is involved. This delicious and easy to make non alcoholic drink calls for 8 different fruits. Healthy and delicious? We love!

This refreshing mocktail recipe is best for brunch and summertime get togethers. You and your crew can drink up without the guilt, too. The clean ingredients in this easy mocktail recipe are seriously a dream.

A tip for the busy? Prepping this fruity, easy mocktail recipe is the best with this frozen pre-packaged fruit! Plus, you can make a smoothie with the leftovers tomorrow morning.

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9. Spicy Grapefruit + Ginger Fizz Easy Mocktail Recipe

spicy grapefruit and ginger easy best mocktail recipes in gold Moscow Mule cups

non alcoholic grapefruit + ginger drink: Gimme Some Oven

Spice lovers, this one is for you!

This easy mocktail recipe is perfect for those who love to add a little spice to their life. Because who said non alcoholic drinks can’t have a kick?!

Incorporating fresh jalapeño with fresh fruit juice sounds like a match made in heaven, and with 5 stars we know this easy mocktail recipe has the perfect balance of the flavors we love most.

P.S. This cocktail shaker is perfect for getting those bold flavors seamlessly mixed up. Low key, an heirloom piece.

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10. Mint Julep Easy Mocktail Recipe

non alcoholic mint julep easy best mocktail recipes

non alcoholic mint julep drink: Completely Delicious

Calling all southern belles! This non alcoholic juicy mint julep drink tastes exactly like the traditional recipe, and you won’t even miss the bourbon!

Easy to make and still packing the punch of the traditional flavor that makes you love them, this easy mint julep recipe is perfect for traditional cocktail lovers taking a break from alcohol!

Pineapple, orange and lime are unforgettable, yet staple flavors that are perfect for any occasion, but especially on a sunny summer day. Don’t forget to garnish and add mint for that extra boost of flavor!

This set of 12 mason jars is perfect to serve this mocktail julep recipe in!

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Best Mocktail Recipes for Your Wedding

summer strawberry and basil non alcoholic best mocktail recipes for your wedding
strawberry basil non alcoholic drinks photo: Marnie Rae

The open bar is an ESSENTIAL for any cocktail hour or wedding reception. And just because you’ve opted to include non alcoholic drink options doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor.

Our list of the best mocktail recipes for your wedding will have your guests raving…they may just forget there isn’t any alcohol at all!

GWS Pro Tip: Not sure how many wedding mocktail recipes to include? The more people you invite, the more options you should have. At least 2 signatures drinks is the standard. But why not throw a few of these easy mocktail recipes in?

The mocktail recipes you choose for your wedding are just as important as the cocktails you choose. Of course, you could always offer drinks with or without alcohol but it’s fun to be intentional about both!

While sparkling cider is a great option, we can do better than that. Ditch the sparkling cider and go for something more bold. Our list of the best wedding mocktail recipes has you covered.

11. Strawberry and Basil Wedding Mocktail Recipe

summer strawberry basil limeade best mocktail recipes for your wedding

strawberry basil non alcoholic drink: Foolproof Living

This strawberry limeade mocktail is the perfect non alcoholic drink for a spring or summer wedding!

Fresh strawberries, basil and lime come together in perfect harmony for a refreshing and classic kick your wedding guests are sure to love!

There is nothing better than fresh ingredients, so make sure your bar is stocked, because this non alcoholic drink is guaranteed to be a crowd favorite.

We recommend this lime squeezer to add the perfect splash of lime in any mocktail!

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12. Blood Orange Spritzer Wedding Mocktail Recipe

summer inspired blood orange spritzer non alcoholic best mocktail recipes for your wedding

non alcoholic blood orange spritzer drinks: Brooklyn Supper

We have another spring and summer wedding mocktail recipe you MUST place on your bar menu!

This refreshing wedding mocktail is perfect to celebrate with your guests, without the consequences that come with celebrating too much! Nothing beats a bright citrus flavor, and this blood orange mocktail is just the right balance of sweet and bitter.

This mocktail is perfect for a southern or outdoor spring or summer wedding! Let your guests cool off and refresh with the tangy boost of citrus flavor.

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13. Golden Glow Water Wedding Mocktail Recipe

spicy lemon flavored non alcoholic best mocktail recipes for your wedding

golden glow water non alcoholic drink: Half Baked Harvest

A wedding mocktail recipe that also serves as an immunity booster? Yes please! This fall inspired mocktail features all the health goodies, like turmeric, ginger, and honey. We’re getting all the cozy vibes.

This healthy mocktail has a vibrance and spice that’s perfect for fall and winter weddings. And with a name like ‘glow water’, we LOVE the idea of serving it in these stunning pink and gold cocktail glasses!

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14. Fall Inspired Honey Roasted Pear Mocktail Recipe for Weddings

fall inspired honey roasted pear best mocktail recipes for your wedding

honey roasted pear non alcoholic drinks: Cotter Crunch

This honesy roasted pear mocktail was MADE for winter and fall weddings!

Anything roasted is so cozy and perfect for a chilly winter or cool fall receptions. Plus, adding the sparkling cider provides the perfect balance of refreshing to a smokey mocktail!

Finish off by garnishing this wedding mocktail with with fall spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and BOOM. You have a crowd favorite on your hands! Serve in these STUNNING coupe glasses for the ultimate seasonal vibes. Your guests will be obsessed!

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15. Non Alcoholic Gin + Tonic Wedding Mocktail Recipe

non alcoholic gin and tonic best mocktail recipes for your wedding

gin and tonic non alcoholic drinks: Wed Plan

Could we ever have a complete list of the best mocktail recipes without including a gin and tonic? We love gin and tonics for their fresh and summery herbal vibes. And this non alcoholic version achieves that great earthy + herbal flavor, without the hangover.

We also can’t help but LOVE a mocktail that mirrors your bouquet (peep that stunning rosemary garnish!), so this mocktail is also perfect if your floral arrangements incorporate a lot of greenery.

Serve these mocktail gin and tonics in these darling coupe glasses!

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16. Summer Rose + Lemon Spritzer Wedding Mocktail Recipe

floral rose spritzer best mocktail recipes for your wedding

non alcoholic rose lemon drink: Half Baked Harvest

This rose lemon non alcoholic spritzer is the perfect mocktail recipe for your wedding. Floral drinks are oh so romantic, especially if you’re featuring roses in your floral arrangements. A mocktail that matches the entire aesthetic of your wedding? We’re OBSESSED.

This mocktail is also perfect for your wedding shower or engagement party. We recommend using a citrus squeezer, like this one, so you get more flavor out of those lemons.

When life gives you lemons, you make dreamy mocktail recipes for your wedding!

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17. Muddled Strawberry + Honey Wedding Mocktail

honey and muddled summer strawberry best mocktail recipes for your wedding

strawberry + honey tonic non alcoholic drinks: Wed Plan

Speaking of delicious non alcoholic tonic drinks, this delicious honey and muddled strawberry tonic is the summer wedding mocktail recipe of our dreams. And the hint of lime brings that zesty kick that’s sure to get everyone out on the dance floor.

Garnish with a fresh orange or strawberry to really elevate the drink and…cheers! Time to celebrate!

This summer wedding mocktail recipe is best served in footed beverage glasses like these!

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aperol spritz with flowers

Now let’s get started on your wedding cocktail menu! Check out 17 ways to make your wedding cocktails stand out.

Best Christmas Mocktail Recipes

gingerbread martini Christmas best mocktail recipes with graham cracker rim
Gingerbread Martini Mocktail Recipe via The Vivacious Life

‘Cheers’ takes on a whole new meaning during the holiday season. After all, it is the most wonderful time of year! Bringing loved ones and the flavors of Christmas together really gets you in the holiday spirit.

We have non-alcoholic twists on classic drinks like the White Russian, and a cranberry mimosa mocktail recipe that will have Santa stopping by at your Christmas brunch! Not to be dramatic but these Christmas mocktail recipes might be the best gift you’ll give this holiday season!

Adding these Christmas mocktail recipes to your hot cocoa bar will ensure that everyone at the Christmas party has something to sip on and enjoy. So let’s celebrate with the best Christmas mocktail recipes!

hosting holiday dinner party

Hosting a Holiday gathering? Add Christmas mocktails to your menu along with these 9 holiday hosting tips!

18. Peppermint White Russian Christmas Mocktail Recipe

peppermint white russian Christmas best mocktail recipes

non alcoholic peppermint Christmas White Russian drinks: Art From My Table

A classic White Russian but without the alcohol AND it still tastes just as good by any fire place!

Coffee based drinks are so in, and we love the idea of substituting the coffee liqueur with regular fresh coffee like this Christmas mocktail recipe suggests. Treat yourself to one the morning you go Christmas shopping…you deserve it.

Plus, there’s no denying that peppermint is THE winter flavor. Adding a little peppermint to your White Russian Christmas mocktail gives it a twist that will have you coming back for more.

And we can’t help but love the way your Christmas mocktail recipe would be totally elevated in these stunning old fashioned glasses. OBSESSED.

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19. Holiday Cranberry Christmas Mocktail

holiday cranberry Christmas best mocktail recipes

holiday cranberry Christmas non alcoholic drink: Cook at Home Mom

Time to serve up mistletoe in a glass!

Three ingredients and five minutes later, this easy cranberry Christmas mocktail recipe is not only sure to be a crowd favorite at the dinner party, but it’s also Whole30 approved. Refreshing but still loaded with winter flavor, the apple and cranberry juice come together to bring that classic holiday taste you can’t get enough of.

Plus, garnishing with rosemary and cranberries really makes it look like a mistletoe. This Christmas mocktail recipe is best for any Christmas party or a gift wrapping session.

After you’ve added your festive garnishes, serve them up in these adorable holiday glasses!

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20. Candy Cane Christmas Martini Mocktail Recipe

candy cane martini Christmas best mocktail recipes with peppermint rim

candy cane Christmas martini non alcoholic drink: This Vivacious Life

We can probably agree that peppermint and Christmas are basically synonymous. And this delicious Christmas mocktail martini recipe highlights peppermint’s iconic flavor in the most delicious of ways. Christmas in a non alcoholic glass.

Creamy and perfect, Santa will make sure you’re on the nice list if you leave this non alcoholic Christmas martini out for him! Only five minutes of prep time gets you four glasses of the merriest mocktail there is.

Don’t forget the most important part, grab candy canes to crush up and decorate the rim! Plus, the extras make great stocking stuffers.

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21. Non-Alcoholic Cranberry Mimosa Christmas Drink Recipe

non alcoholic holiday cranberry mimosa easy Christmas best mocktail recipes

non alcoholic Christmas mimosa drinks: The Mindful Mocktail

A seasonal mimosa is exactly what you need at your weekend Christmas gift exchange! This easy Christmas mocktail recipe is definitely going to be a crowd favorite.

With only two ingredients and a cranberry or rosemary sprig garnish, this easy mocktail recipe will save you time and money this holiday season.

One idea we’re loving is placing the drink ingredients in a clear ornament on top of the glasses so your guests can pour in their drink when they’re ready. How cute is that? Seriously, the perfect holiday favor!

Add these champagne glasses to cart and start pouring!

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22. Sparkling Berry Apple Christmas Mocktail

sparkling easy Christmas best mocktail recipes

non alcoholic berry apple Christmas drink: The Little Epicurean

This Christmas mocktail recipe has just three ingredients but packs so much holiday fun!

The berry syrup is undeniably a key ingredient that pushes this mocktail over the top. Mixing classic berry flavors with apple cider gives this drink the perfect fruity and festive balance.

With only three ingredients and a 15 minute prep time, you can feel good about serving this Christmas mocktail to everyone you’re hosting! Easy and delicious.

GWS Hosting Tip: Make this non alcoholic Christmas drink interactive and fun! Set up a station where guests can garnish their own drinks with cinnamon sticks or extra berries!

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Best Fall Mocktail Recipes

sparkling kombucha fall best mocktail recipes
Sparkling Cranberry Kombucha Mocktail Recipe via The Real Foodie Dietitians

These fall mocktail recipes will get you in the mood for giving. Seriously! They are so good, you will be doing all of your loved ones a favor by serving these at your holiday gatherings and sneaking them the recipe at the end of the night.

Rich and savory flavors make up the fall. From your spiced pumpkin latte to your delicious Thanksgiving dinner, why should settle for a mocktail that isn’t delicious? Our best fall mocktail recipes will expand your knowledge of fall flavors and make your tastebuds the happiest they’ve EVER been!

23. Honey Roasted Pear Sparkling Fall Mocktail Recipe

sparkling honey and roasted pear fall best mocktail recipes

honey roasted pear non alcoholic drinks: Cotter Crunch

A mocktail recipe so good we had to include it twice!

When it comes to the best and most elegant fall mocktail recipes, this one is a true gem. With clove, nutmeg, and vanilla, this non alcoholic drink beautifully borders between fall and winter, with a flavor profile that’ll have your tastebuds doing backflips.

Like a lot of the other mocktail recipes, we’re working with juice again. This is a great way to add completely natural flavoring without some of the added preservatives.

As the recipe says, once you naturally flavor pretty much anything, you will NEVER look back. We couldn’t agree more.

Serve these fall inspired non alcoholic drinks in these gold rim glasses for the ultimate fall vibes!

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24. Rosemary and Pear Fall Mocktail

sparkling rosemary and pear fall best mocktail recipes

rosemary + pear non alcoholic drinks: Mash & Spread

Smooth and rich flavors make up the holiday season, and this fall mocktail recipe is no different.

This woodsy and and piney mocktail is the perfect prelude to the holiday season. With the classic festive taste of rosemary mixed in with pear juice, this mocktail definitely tastes like all of the major holidays in one!

Serve in these stunning gold rim glasses for the perfect fall! Plus, they’re festive enough to keep on display until the beginning of the new year.

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25. Thanksgiving Punch Fall Mocktail

Thanksgiving punch best fall mocktail recipes with cranberries and ginger ale

Thanksgiving punch non alcoholic drinks: Thyme & Joy

Don’t know how to impress the extended family you never see? Then this non alcoholic fall drink recipe is for you! It’s crafted by a trained chef, so you know the flavors are sure to be delish.

The only thing your friends and family will be talking about is this delicious Thanksgiving mocktail recipe you whipped up.

Featuring cranberries and apples, this fall mocktail recipe is easier than making any those holiday pies, and it’s just as good. Combining the warm and cozy flavors of fall, this mocktail is both fun and delicious for all ages!

Serve the Thanksgiving punch up in this gorgeous pitcher for an A+ presentation! Might we suggest two so the kids table doesn’t miss out…

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26. Blackberry and Sage Spritzer Fall Mocktail Recipe

blackberry and sage fall best mocktail recipes

blackberry and sage non alcoholic drinks: The Kitchn

Let the witchy vibes settle in with this earthy and refreshing fall mocktail recipe, the best choice for a Halloween movie night!

Who says all of the fall drinks you savor should be warm and earthy flavored? Mix it up with a different fall fruit that stands out amongst all of those pumpkin spice lattes. This blackberry and sage non alcoholic drink recipe is giving us some seriously delicious fall meets summer vibes, and we are here. for. it.

Saving the key ingredients for a simple garnish on the top of this fall mocktail is a simple way to elevate any drink presentation. Plus the color is die for!

Serve in these clear mason jar glasses to show off your work.

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27. Spiced Apple Fall Mocktail Recipe

spiced apple fall best mocktail recipes

spiced apple non alcoholic fall drink: Marnie Rae

Picture this: you go apple picking, then host a Friendsgiving and serve this delicious and easy fall mocktail recipe…garnished with the delicious apples you foraged from earlier. The perfect fall activities wrapped into one memorable fall evening!

With just four ingredients and the savory flavors of honey, spicy ginger syrup and sparkling cider, this non alcoholic fall drink not only tastes delicious…it’s easy to make!

GWS Recipe Pro Tip: Add these cinnamon star anises and an apple slice garnish to impress your friends before they even taste their new favorite fall mocktail.

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curry butternut squash soup healthy fall dinner ideas and recipes

These yummy fall dinner recipes pair perfectly with our best fall mocktail recipes. Bon Appétit!

Best Summer Mocktail Recipes

refreshing hibiscus summer best mocktail recipes
Refreshing Hibiscus Summer Mocktail Recipe via Cookie and Kate

There’s nothing like a refreshing summer mocktail recipe to get the pool party started! These summer mocktail recipes are the best because they all incorporate fruity elements that are sure to keep you hydrated all summer long.

If you ask us, the best summer mocktails are made with fresh citrus! Romanticize your life a little bit by going fresh berry picking. Perfect for a delicious farm-to-table vibe.

Whether it’s summer or you’re just dreaming about warmer weather, cool off with our collection of the best summer mocktail recipes.

28. Honey Rhubarb Lemonade Summer Mocktail

honey and rhubarb lemonade non alcoholic mocktail

honey rhubarb lemonade non alcoholic summer drink recipe: Luci’s Morsels

Calling all busy bees! Beat the heat with with this tart and tasty summer mocktail recipe.

Sweet as honey, this non alcoholic rhubarb lemonade is absolutely necessary for any outdoors or afternoon summer get together!

One of our favorite things about this easy summer mocktail recipe is that it has lemonade. Lemonade stands are a summer staple and this mocktail is really bringing us back!

Use this adorable gold spoon muddler to stir up those delicious flavors.

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29. Cucumber & Lime Summer Mocktail

cucumber and lime summer best mocktail recipes

cucumber + lime non alcoholic summer mocktail recipe: Vibrant Plate

Let the cool refreshing flavor of lime and cucumber wash over you all summer long with this summer mocktail recipe!

Did you know that cucumber season is May through August? Well, now you do and you should take full advantage! Because there’s nothing more delicious than this sparkling cucumber flavored gem.

P.S. Use this vegetable peeler for the perfect cucumber slice!

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30. Lemon Pineapple La Croix Summer Mocktail

sparkling kiwi and pineapple summer best mocktail recipes with La Croix

sparkling lemon, kiwi, and pineapple non alcoholic drink: Physical Kitchness

A mocktail recipe with La Croix? A summer MUST.

This summer mocktail recipe is perfect for our sparkling water lovers! The perfect balance of La Croix, kiwi, and pineapple juice truly makes for the sweetest summer blend. Our taste buds are already tingling!

GWS Mocktail Recipe Tip: Freeze mint in your ice cube trays for the perfect fresh kick & grab a case of La Croix, because we’re fairly certain this non alcoholic summer drink will be on rotation all season long.

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31. Moscow Mule Summer Mocktail Recipe

traditional moscow mule best mocktail recipes for summer

non alcoholic Moscow Mule mocktail recipe: Like Mother Like Daughter

Hot summer nights are no match for this moscow mule 5 star summer mocktail recipe!

The classic moscow mule is a summer staple that never disappoints. Its spicy flavor is a nice sharp contrast to the typical sweet notes we’ve come to expect during the summer months. So we love how this non alcoholic version takes the iconic flavors and makes them do-able for the sober curious.

And can we just say, these adorable moscow mule mugs are a need, not a want!

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32. Virgin Mojito Summer Mocktail Recipe

virgin mojito summer best mocktail recipes

non alcoholic summer mojito drink recipe: Munaty Cooking

Nothing says summer like a non alcoholic mojito, and this summer mocktail recipe is pitcher perfect!

In just 7 minutes you will have a pitcher full of the most refreshing mojito, we’re pretty sure you’ll forget it doesn’t even have alcohol.

This easy summer mocktail recipe ready needs to be served at EVERY pool party and beach hang! We recommend slowly sipping so that you can enjoy all of the flavors over and over again.

We love a cute hosting moment, and this adorable heart shaped ice cube tray is absolute perfection for this mojito! Freeze mint or lime in with the water so you have extra flavor that won’t water down the original recipe.

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33. Grapefruit and Thyme Summer Mocktail Recipe

non alcoholic summer grapefruit best mocktail recipes with thyme garnish

grapefruit + thyme non alcoholic summer drink: Flowers in the Salad

Back with a sparkling grapefruit mocktail recipe, because they’re the best!

This refreshing summer mocktail recipe contains instructions on how to make your own thyme syrup that lasts up to two weeks after serving, so you can enjoy this recipe long after your night is over!

The work is worth it when you taste these fruity flavors in the summer heat. And this stainless steel cocktail strainer is perfect for straining your grapefruit.

GWS Mocktail Recipe Tip: Use a slice of grapefruit to get the rim ready for some sugar!

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Make Happy Hour a Hit With Our Best Entertainment + Hosting Roundups

blood orange non alcoholic summer drink recipes
grapefruit mocktail recipe from our booze free cocktail guide

There’s nothing cuter than a stunning bar cart, even with non-alcoholic ingredients! Check out these stylish bar carts for the chicest inspo (the perfect place to display those delicious mocktail recipes)!

Mocktails and an epic cheese spread are basically a match made in heaven, and a requirement when hosting. These charcuterie boards pair perfect with the mocktail recipe you just whipped up.

Finally, there’s nothing better than a dinner party. Especially around the holidays! Serve these fall dinner ideas to your friends and family. They’re cozy and full of seasonal flavors that are sure to impress.

Which of these mocktail recipes are you planning on trying? Let us know in the comments below!