Behind the Design: A Chat with Olivia Fleming, Founder of Olivia Kane Jewelry

Interview with Olivia Fleming of Olivia Kane Jewelry

Olivia Fleming does it all. As the Senior Features Editor at Harper’s Bazaar you’d think she’d have her plate full—too full, surely, to launch her own jewelry line. But Olivia knows how to spot something great, whether it be a story or a stone. And so, with a good dose of that “if you want something done right, do it yourself” type motivation, Olivia created a line of equally striking + minimal pieces so good, even she’d wear them.

The line, Olivia Kane, is a fuse of Olivia’s favorite movie character and her own earthy style. Olivia turned to Squarespace to create a website that both showcases her work in a clean + beautiful aesthetic and provides simple, direct-to-consumer purchase options. We love Olivia Kane‘s flow and ease of use—a perfect online representation of the simple yet stunning pieces designed by Olivia. We had a chat about O.K and found out what’s ahead for the brand and how Olivia integrates an editorial perspective into her weekend hustle.

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Allow us to introduce you to Olivia Kane!

Interview with Olivia Fleming of Olivia Kane Jewelry

You’ve hit on both nostalgia + modern sensibility with your jewelry designs. Tell us how mood rings played a role in inspiring you to start Olivia Kane?

Anyone who who knows me well knows that “My Girl” is my favorite movie. It was released when I was five years old—prime “I want to be Veda” age—so of course I spent my childhood wearing mood rings. But as an adult who had grown to appreciate fine jewelry, I struggled to find a mood ring that fit my elevated aesthetic and had spent years complaining how I couldn’t find one that wasn’t made from plastic or brass. (I am not a fan of jewelry that turns your skin green). Eventually someone told me to stop complaining and make one myself. I knew the then jewelry manager of New York boutique In God We Trust, so I bought her a coffee and asked her to tell me everything she knew about making and producing jewelry. She pointed me in the right direction, and a year later, I launched!

Interview with Olivia Fleming of Olivia Kane Jewelry

When did you launch your Squarespace website and what template did you use?

I launched in August 2015 with the Marta template.

How has this website changed or impacted your business?

Since I run my entire business online as a direct-to-consumer brand (less markups!), the ability to create a clean, easy-to-navigate, and pretty website that didn’t take much customization has been imperative to our success.

Interview with Olivia Fleming of Olivia Kane Jewelry

What have you found to have the most impact when it comes to your website design?

With the template I chose, it begs for full-bleed images, which allows me to showcase our newest pieces on the homepage alongside campaign shots, as well. A cohesive color palette and beautiful photography always help to bring a template to life.

What do you consider your greatest “win” for Olivia Kane?

I love seeing women on the street wearing our pieces—this will always be the thing that thrills me the most.

Interview with Olivia Fleming of Olivia Kane Jewelry

What are your plans/goals for the upcoming year?

We’re starting to highlight our one-of-a-kind pieces on Instagram, after Squarespace recently integrated with Instagram Shopping, which I’m really excited about. We’re able to interact with our customers in real time, as they start to buy more directly from Instagram.

What sort of bride might be attracted to O.K engagement + wedding rings?

I like to think she’s like me: she cherishes her individuality, has a predilection for pretty and delicate things, and appreciates the intimacy of handmade pieces. Above all, she wants something that is unique. The O.K aesthetic is clean and minimal, yet natural and earthy. I’m drawn to no-fuss design; minimal makeup, easy white T-shirts and jeans always worn with a beautiful shoe. This is how I see my jewelry: classic, leaving room for one element to shine. For us, this is our stones.

Interview with Olivia Fleming of Olivia Kane Jewelry

In addition to Olivia Kane, you’re also the Senior Features Editor at Harper’s Bazaar. Do you find these two roles work hand in hand or do you see them as separate?

In some ways they compliment each other—I know what makes a good story the same way I can hone in on an incredible stone, or the special elements of a design. Attention to detail and a vision for the completed piece—whether it’s an article or a ring—is vital for both roles. However they are also very separate. I focus on jewelry on the weekends when I am not in editor mode; when I have some time and space to think fluidly and get a little more creative.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in exploring more than one pursuit?

Be prepared to have no free time! But know that it’s worth it in the end.

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Photos of Olivia: Matt Rubin