Appy Couple – The Stylish Wedding App!

appy couple wedding app

Regular readers of GWS will likely remember Appy Couple. We featured the launch of their iPhone app earlier this year and received a lot of great feedback from the GWS community.  Well, Appy Couple has been hard at work and is back on GWS to announce the release of Appy Couple version 1.5!

For those unfamiliar with Appy Couple, it’s an app for your phone (iPhone and Android) that allows you to easily manage the details of your wedding planning and share important information (like your timeline, RSVP’s directions/maps, etc) with all of your wedding guests. While the original app made mobile wedding planning possible, the newest version makes the planning even easier (features are now drag ‘n drop, so no technical skills required!), offers lots of great new designs, and allows even more customization for your theme and Wedsite!

appy couple wedding app

Other NEW reasons to love Appy Couple:

  • TAKE IT SLOW OR GO ALL THE WAY: We’ve made it flexible and easy for couples to show off what they want, when they want, and to whom, revealing content and surprises only when ready. Turn sections on and off at any time, and of course change any detail (even the groom) and update everyone in real-time.
  • PHOTO EDITING: Edit your photos, add cool effects, make your images dreamy or just fun — direct on or if you’re a bride you can edit images directly from your app as well
  • MULTI-PLATFORM: Appy Couple is now beautiful on every device (Android, iPhone 5, 4 or any number you choose). Our newly launched wedding websites take the Appy style to guests without smartphones- so everyone is included!
  • DESIGNED FOR YOU: We hear you—you want to be different and showcase your style, so do we. Inspire us and we’ll design it for you — share a Pinterest board, email us ([email protected]) or tweet to us (@appycouple) We’re constantly adding new designs and collections.
  • NEW DESIGNS: Choose from a range of designer themes with fun navigations to get your style across, now you can add a profile picture to your app homes creen and choose which sections to show in your nav
  • DESTINATION APPY: We added a Travel section to accommodate our couples that have guests flying from all over the world, making it easy for everyone to have a stress free wedding weekend.
  • DIGITAL KEEPSAKE: Everyone can now capture every moment with our new point-and-shoot feature on the app on iPhone and Android. Save champagne toasts and stories , streaming it all on the wedding day (or watch it on the honeymoon!). .
  • NEW WEDSITES: As much as our early adopters are happy to stick to the app, they want everyone engaged in the most beautiful, stylish way. We’re making sure that no one misses out because they don’t have a smartphone — everything syncs, no extra work — as beautiful as you would expect from Appy Couple. See a sample of one of our stylish wedsites here!
  • NEW PRIVACY À LA CARTE: Everyone is not invited to every event. Couples need to manage several guest lists and make sure that only those that are invited to certain events get to see their events, no embarrassing faux pas—of course we had to build that in with privacy and enhanced options.
  • NEW PAPER INVITATIONS: some of our couples (and a lot of their families) just cannot live without coordinated paper invites. We’re on it and have partnered with the best designers in the business to provide a seamless end to end solution—stay tuned, it’s all coming soon and it get’s very exciting (and classy).

appy couple heart pin

appy couple paris

appy couple color block

Aren’t the new designs super pretty?! By far the most stylish wedding app I’ve seen.

And we have a special promo for GWS readers! Appy Couple (use this link) is giving away 40 Invitation Codes with the promo code: HeartGWS (Note: with this promotion code Appy Couple will be FREE to Beta users and their guests forever. They have a very limited-time left before they are out of beta and release their paid service.) So, head on over and try it out!