Brilliantly Affordable: Big, Beautiful Engagement Rings That Won’t Break The Bank!

Modern Gents Trading Co. Engagement Ring

As we’re slowly transitioning out of proposal season, it’s fair to say we’ve seen some amazing engagement rings! Okay, admittedly we’re always down to learn about new bling. It’s an added bonus when the wedding + engagement rings are not only über shiny but also serve a really meaningful purpose!

The creators of Modern Gents Trading Co. believe that time + money should be spent on travel and memories, and less on a rock that sits on your finger. You’ve heard that classic piece of advice: spend no less than three months’ worth of salary on an engagement ring. Well, Modern Gents Trading Co. is flipping the script by offering brilliant, keyword: affordable, engagement rings!

(ring above: The Evermore $79.95, below Top to Bottom: The Bliss $79.95, The Star Light $79.95, The Olivia $54.95)

The founders of Modern Gents,  Mike and Myran, launched a new way to buy engagement rings after a long discussion with their respective wives. Agreeing that rings can be too overpriced for many couples, plus the fact that many diamonds are sourced inhumanely, the pair set out to offer a different option.

Each hand-crafted ring is made with AAA cubic zirconia and 925 sterling silver to create a beautiful piece that’s affordable yet still maintains quality. And count on some stellar customer service to make the buying process enjoyable and easy.

Throw your sunglasses on, and we’ll give you a peek of these beauties – and don’t miss the 21% discount code at the end!

Beautiful + Affordable Engagement Rings

Modern Gents Trading Co.

The Rose $79.95

Still lovin’ that halo style engagement ring? Us, too!

Modern Gents Trading Co.

The Lovely $54.95 with Eternity Band $44.95

These rings are stunning! We love that they’re high quality at an affordable price.

Modern Gents Trading Co. Engagement Ring

The Evermore Rose Gold $79.95

Modern Gents Trading Co. Engagement Ring

The Belle $54.95 with Desire Band $44.95

Affordable Wedding Bands 

Modern Gents Trading Co.

Wedding Bands

Ooh, really feeling these delicate bands – especially in the vintage gold setting.

Visit Modern Gents Trading Co. now and use discount code: GWS21 for 21% off purchases of $25 or more!

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