A Pixel Cowboy Wedding Video: Brittany + Dave

Remember this amazing proposal I shared last year? Well, cutie pies Brittany + Dave were married this past weekend and the wedding was AMAZING! I can’t wait to see all the photos and I’m planning to share them along with some details from Brittany + Dave once the photos are ready and they return from their honeymoon. But we do have a perfect peak into their wedding to share today! Brittany + Dave hired Julie of elysium productions to create a same day wedding edit. These are so fun because as they care called, they are ready the same day so you can watch the video at the end of your reception! What a fun way to end the night. :)

Brittany + Dave’s “Pixel Cowboy” theme was so incredibly creative and personal to these tech industry pioneers – be sure to check out Path if you haven’t already! They both grew up in respective “country western” places (Texas for Brittany and Montana for Dave) so it only made sense to hold their nuptials in the Wild West. The talented Jesi Haack assisted Brittany & Dave with all the details in their super unique design and Elizabeth Kelleher coordinated the day. Big congrats to Brittany + Dave!!! Hope you guys are enjoying your honeymoon. :)

**UPDATE** Check out their wedding photos here!

Thanks to elysium productions for letting me share their same day wedding film – such a gorgeous location + venue!