How to Make Your Own Pink Floral Christmas Tree

DIY a Pink Floral Christmas Tree

Decorating for the holidays is one of our most favorite things! We love mixing up our holiday decor each year and while thinking of new ways to decorate this season, we were inspired by our love for flowers (especially silk blooms from our friends at Afloral) and the color pink…thus, our pink floral tree was born! :) The best part about this tree is it makes SUCH a gorgeous statement (we’ve had so much love for the tree already and it’s only been up a few days!) but is actually really easy to recreate. So, let’s take a look how we did it….

pink floral christmas tree


flower tree suppliesWhat You’ll Need: A tree and lots + lots of Afloral silk flowers. :)

It’s best to keep your flowers with a type of theme – think color palette or ombre flowers would look super pretty! We stuck with a simple cream/pink/red palette and flowers in varying sizes. We used 20 large blooms, 30 medium blooms and 10 small blooms on a 6′ tree.

As for the tree, we found a fake tree works best – plus we loved the idea of going with a unique + fun color for the tree. :) This pink tree is the prettiest shade of pink – we love the idea of a color to really make a statement, but you could use any color – and Treetopia has lots of options! Maybe gold? or white? :)

pink floral christmas tree

You’ll want to pop the heads off of each stem. The medium size florals pop right off, some of the larger we had to cut off with wire cutters. Once you have all the heads ready, start placing them in the tree. We went with a large floral garland that wrapped the tree. Start with the larger blooms, then filled in with the medium and smaller size. Keep adding blooms until you have the look you like! And that’s it!

pink floral christmas tree

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So magical, right?!

One of the nice things with this pink tree is it came pre-lit! I didn’t even know that was a thing, but SO NICE! The tree looks magically at night all lit. :)

pink floral christmas tree

I hope we inspired you to maybe decorate your tree (or a second tree in your home perhaps?!) a bit different this year. I think this would also make a crazy cool backdrop for a winter wedding, right?!

If you create your own tree inspired by our DIY, we’d love to see! Please use the hashtag #GWSfloraltree and we’ll be sure to share our faves. :)

Big thanks to Sanaz Photography for the photos.