A Heart Made of Moss

While surfing around the internet last night, I found this great sculpture on blomsterverkstad. It’s a piece of living art that I think would make a gorgeous addition to your outdoor ceremony – and the best part is you can keep it afterward to remember your special day!The designer even shares how he made this so you can try to re create it.”I made the heart out of steel netting that I filled with straw. I cut the netting in a shape of heart (x2) and then worked with the form with my hands until I was happy. Remember gloves! I used moss for the up-side and wax paper for the down-side. First I tied down the moss with wire and then with pieces of some thicker steel wire bent to U’s, I nailed on the wax paper. The Elderberries and acorns were attached with the same technique.”

Perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding.

moss heart