A European Honeymoon: Amalfi Coast


We were so focused on our recent site redesign and launch that we never got around to posting the final stop on our European vacation last fall, so today I’m sharing our trip to the Amalfi Coast!

When planning our honeymoon, I remember debating between Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast….both beautiful, but quite different too. We opted to make Cinque Terre the first stop for our honeymoon, so this time we wanted to check out Amalfi since we’ve heard such great things!

Well, the first big difference between these destinations is that getting to Cinque Terre is simple, you just hop a train from almost anywhere in Italy or the South of France and you’re there. However, to reach the Amalfi Coast, you’ll need to take a bus, hire a car or drive yourself. We took a bus and let me tell you that 2 hour ride was a bit CRAZY! I don’t reccommend driving yourself, the roads are curvy, frequently just one lane and very close to the edge.  If you’re afraid of heights (like me) – the journey can be a bit tense! But….once you get there, it is completely worth it. The Amalfi Coast has some of the most amazing views.

We spent our first two nights in the town of Ravello – high in the hills in Amalfi – and then spent our last 2 nights in Sorrento – a coastal town on the other side of Amalfi.

Where to sleep: Thanks again to Katie at Ever After Honeymoons for the help with our lodging! We spent our first two nights at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello. Staying here was our one splurge for the trip (SO worth it in my opinion), besides….how often do we get to Ravello. The views + the pool. You just can’t beat them. This is the most amazing hotel at which Jason + I have ever stayed. Seriously, just look at these photos! And it is even more amazing in person. Offering you 360 degree views of the town below, hillsides dotted with lemon trees and the gorgeous coastline, in our opinion this is the best location in Ravello.

hotel caruso

hotel caruso pool

We spent a lot of time walking around Europe, but once we arrived at Hotel Caruso, we spent most of our time on property by the pool (and we got lucky since the rest of our trip to Sorrento was cold + rainy). In addition to the incredible views, we were hosted by an incredibly friendly and attentive staff. The team at Hotel Caruso really takes the time to get to know their guests and make sure that each visitor enjoys their stay.

While enjoying the incredible pool, we decided to give the pizza a try for lunch….delicious!  Our dinner at their restaurant later that evening was just as good. The restaurant offers the same views as the pool!! Stunning…

ravello italy

Fave Memory – As you may have guessed, the views from our hotel, the Hotel Caruso, in Ravello! I know we’ll never forget the views or the pool. In fact, wishing we were there right now! :)

Foodie Pick: There are two big ones for me. First, the Castelvetrano olives here are AMAZING! My faves were the olives from the bar at the Hotel Caruso in Ravello. I actually could have made a meal out of them. :) Secondly, if you visit Sorrento, our fave restaurant there (we ate there both nights it was so good!) was Inn Bufalito. It has the most delicious mozzarella and great daily pasta specials.  On our second night Jason had one of his favorite dishes ever – pasta with fresh grated truffles – yes, he still talks about that dish!! The atmosphere is great, friendly servers and the food – we still dream about it and wish they’d open a location in Los Angeles. :)

There was actually lots of great food options in this area. We also checked out Cumpa’ Cosimoin Ravello (thanks to Alison Events for the tip on this one!). This place is an experience! If you go, you’ll meet Mama who runs the place and everyone there is having such a fun time! This is just a short walk from the Hotel Caruso.

If you get a chance, stop by a limoncello factory! Our awesome cab driver actually stopped by one owned by a friend of his family on the way up to Ravello. The owner spoke no English and we don’t speak Italian, but we got along just great as he had us sample his freshly made limoncello and taste the grapes about to be made into wine (yep, it was a winery too). Once you arrive in the Amalfi Coast, you’ll quickly learn that you need to try the limoncello, it’s what they’re known for. Super fun.

We would’ve loved to take a boat ride to Capri, but the weather for us in Sorrento wasn’t the best. We can’t really complain though, since we had great weather almost everywhere else. But our last day in Sorrento it poured, so we drank wine and ate pizza. :)

Oh, and if you are debating between Cinque Terre and Amalfi, here are my thoughts. If you love small towns (think bed and breakfasts) with a strong sense of Italian history and hiking, I recommend Cinque Terre. If you perfer a more glamourous hotel where you can really relax and just enjoy being in Italy, Amalfi is for you.

We don’t have our next trip planned yet, but if you have any recommendations or requests for us to visit and review great destinations or hotels, let us know if the comments below.