Our 5 Best Tips For Hosting the Ultimate Yacht Wedding

Bride and groom getting married on a yacht

Yacht weddings have been a long-standing favorite form of celebration for engaged couples. They’re luxurious, intimate, out of the ordinary, and just a lot of fun! But as enticing as it sounds to have a yacht wedding, it can be difficult to know where to start. We spoke with Nicole Please Weddings to get her expertise on how to plan the wedding of your dreams!

First thing’s first – Nicole planned this shoot with a real, engaged couple! To help them drum up extra excitement for their big day, the couple were invited to participate in this shoot on a 4-bedroom yacht. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal! Jenny Tong Photography used her expert skills to make the wedding feel as calm as a gentle sea breeze. Ready to learn how to make your dreams of yacht weddings a reality? Read on!

Yacht Weddings Tip #1: Set the Scene

Sea inspired wedding invitation suite

While other forms of weddings allow for a little more flexibility in terms of theme, yacht weddings tend to thrive when committed to an ocean theme. Things like your color scheme, decorative elements (i.e. seashells), and even your food choices should reflect a connection between both the couple and the water!

This invitation suite by Be One Letter nails the execution perfectly. Varying tones of blue are reminiscent of the ocean while still offering a romantic feel. Even the calligraphy is on theme! The notes are so perfectly written, they remind us of a message in a bottle.

Bride on yacht

Bride on yacht

While searching for your wedding dress, it’s likely that you’ll try some on that you feel “don’t fit your venue”. That’s a very legitimate reason not to select a dress, and it extends to yacht weddings as well. 

This Galia Lahav gown has yacht vibes written all over it! Between the mermaid silhouette and sparkling details, it’s the epitome of boat-chic.

Tip #2: There’s a Time and Place

Pampas grass and blue flower yacht wedding decor

You’ve heard the phrase “location, location, location”. But when your location is a moving boat, how are you supposed to time things, like a sunset ceremony, perfectly? Nicole Froelich shared her favorite tip for making sure your timing is done just right:

When I plan ceremonies, I always check the Sun Seeker App to see where the sun will be at the time of the ceremony. That way, the photos have the right angle of the sun! What’s important to remember is that the boat moves, and if it’s docked, it can still change its direction in terms of view, sunlight, and wind. It’s best to be slightly more flexible in terms of ceremony timing to best adjust to the sun.

Bride and groom getting first kiss on boat

Flower petals tossed on bride and groom

You’ll be SO thankful that you got the timing perfect when you look back at your wedding photos!

Yacht Weddings Tip #3: Cuisine à la Cruise

Yacht wedding picnic setup

Our third piece of advice is a different take on tip #1 – you gotta commit to the theme! Serving seafood is an obvious choice (and a great one!) but things don’t stop there. Offer your guests sides like grilled corn, zucchini, and other seasonal vegetables. Not only do they naturally pair well with seafood, but the grilled element offers that quintessential summer vibe your guests will love.

Blue and gold wedding table decor

Picnic setup on a boat

A picnic setup is also a great way to serve the food! Not only is it beautiful and cozy, but it also breeds the perfect environment for intimate conversation amongst guests.

Blue and gold wedding table decor

Sea-inspired wedding cake

This wave-inspired cake by Weddings With a Bow is perfectly curated for yacht weddings. Clean, crisp white tiers elegantly sit atop a movement-filled blue bottom tier. Even complete with a ruffle replicating a wave itself!

Tip #4: Into the Night

Yacht wedding picnic

Most of the time, we associate yacht parties with the daytime. While they’re beautiful during the day, there’s so much more to enjoy about yacht weddings at night! Aboard this 6,000 square foot boat is ample living space, a cinema room, and a kitchen. With rooms like that to explore, your guests will be entertained all night long.

bride and groom toasting on their wedding day

The sundeck can also be repurposed to include a stellar bar, romantic lighting, and even a DJ!

Bride and groom snuggling on boat at night

Yacht Weddings Tip #5: Rock the Boat!

Finally, you can’t forget the entertainment! With a spacious yacht, there’s plenty of room for live performances like belly dancing, acrobatics, and more. Take a look below to see some inspiration!

We hope you’ve found our guidelines for perfecting yacht weddings helpful! If yachts aren’t quite your speed, we invite you to check out some of our modern forest weddings, backyard micro weddings, and more!

photography: Jenny Tong Photography // venue name: The Wan, Hong Kong, Hong Kong // event design: Nicole Please Weddings // planning: Nicole Please Weddings // florals: Preface Flower // wedding dress: Galia Lahav // wedding dress boutique: Trinity Bridal // bride's shoes: Odelicate // bride's ring: VIVAZ // hair stylist: Joman Weddings // makeup artist: Joman Weddings // groom attire: Costume Suit // groom's shoes: Costume Suit // videography: Muscle Aerial Cinema (drone shots) // calligraphy: Be One Letter // handmade details: Be One Letter // cake: Weddings with a Bow // furniture rentals: Quicksound Production // models: Joyce Lai (aerialist), Jasmine and Josh // crystals: The Mineralium // picnic set up: Picnicking by Misaka // additional bridal jewelry: VIVAZ