5 Simple Ways to Bring Your Event to the Next Level

How To Level Up Your Event

So, you’re throwing a party. The supplies are ordered, the menu is set, the invitations sent, and your making way through your to-do list. But a party is more than items to cross off—there’s a certain soul to it. And as the host, you help set the bar for guests’ experience. Which is a little bit harder to pinpoint than, say, “order balloons by Friday.” Luckily, we’ve got the inside tips from the pros to bring your event to the next level!

But first, the inspiration. For this party, Be Inspired PR invited 30 guests to enjoy a totally unique experience around the table.

“Our in-house designer Gianna SanFilippo created an event identity design revolving around a terrazzo print, which we accented with custom curated details to bring the entire vision to life. Our guests enjoyed florals in shades of terracotta, marigold, apricot, and denim, both in whimsical arrangements in terrazzo jardinieres and in a lush hanging installation. Cozy elements were sprinkled throughout the day with accents in velvet and fleece, while modern place cards and menus kept the design feeling elevated and sophisticated. With a chic lounge and custom terrazzo-printed photo backdrop moment, this day was full of thoughtful details to showcase the impact that a curated design plan can make from start to finish!”

You’re going to love how this all came together! We’ve got photos by Jenny Quicksall Photography alongside some seriously helpful advice from Gianna SanFilippo. Read on as she shares 5 simple ways to truly take your event to the next level!

1. Find inspiration everywhere.

Terrazzo Backdrop

Gianna doesn’t write off anything when it comes to finding inspiration! But if you’re feeling stumped, she shares her go-to places to start.

What do you want your event to look like? But also, what do you want it to feel like? I love finding inspiration in photos of events, places, interiors, and even materials! Include linens, furniture pieces, and color swatches on your mood board!

Terrazzo Backdrop
How To Level Up Your Event

How gorgeous does The Revery look all glammed up, by the way?

2. Don’t be afraid of mixing it up!

Hanging flower installation

When it comes to mixing textures and materials, Gianna says to GO FOR IT.

Sometimes very different colors or materials can come together and look stellar in one place! For this event, you might see the boucle on the Found Rentals chairs and the colorful terrazzo pattern in the Prim & Pixie stationery and wonder if they go together. But when you have them side by side…PERFECTION!

Hanging flower installation

That stunning centerpiece you see was created by Precious & Blooming, as were all the gorgeous floral arrangements in the space. Don’t they just bring everything to life?

How To Level Up Your Event

The table was set with neutral pieces—and a pop of gold—from Greystone Table.

How To Level Up Your Event

Meanwhile, those boucle chairs…hello, lovers! These cozy-chic wonders are courtesy of Found Rentals!

3. Make room for mingling.

How To Level Up Your Event

Give people a little nudge in the right direction with a space to lounge…and a drink to sip!

Now, more than ever, human connection is so important. Even if it’s just for a few minutes, create an opportunity for your guests to connect before they take their assigned seats. Seating lounges can act as a photo opp, double as decor, and also give guests a place to sit down and chat a bit. Before lunch, our guests enjoyed One Hope wine and delicious bites from Urban Palate. It was the perfect time to allow everyone to chat with guests they might not be seated near during the actual meal!

One Hope Wine
How To Level Up Your Event
terrazzo party ideas with hanging florals

Psst…looking for more party ideas and tons of inspiration? Oh, WE GOT YOU.

half moon name card

Give that name-card a close-up! Also, hello to the CUTE menu by Prim & Pixie.

terrazzo party ideas with hanging florals
empty glasses at a party

4. Prioritize the tunes!

cheers with rose over a table

What sets the mood better than the right song?

A great playlist can go a long way. Who doesn’t love live music?! Whenever possible, we love having a band or a trio to liven up the atmosphere. But when that’s not an option, find a great selection of songs that compliment your event style and your guest list to play in the background.

How To Level Up Your Event

OMG…deliciousness by Urban Palate!

shrimp risotto for a party

5. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

terrazzo party ideas

And most important of all…

Things might not run on time or go perfectly, but always remember to take a step back and look at all the people in the room enjoying something you dreamt up! How amazing is that?!

Thanks to Gianna SanFilippo and Be Inspired PR for sharing your expertise and STUNNING designs. Now, who’s ready to party?

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photography: Jenny Quicksall Photography // venue name: The Revery, Los Angeles, California, USA // event design: Be Inspired PR // planning: Gianna SanFilippo // florals: Precious & Blooming // catering: Urban Palate // tabletop rentals: Greystone Table // furniture rentals: Found Rentals // wholesale flowers: Eufloria Roses // wholesale flowers: Mayesh Oxnard // wholesale flowers: Afloral // signage: Prim & Pixie // wine: One Hope