We’re Having a Baby! The Nursery: Part 1


This afternoon I’m excited to share a first look into the planning of our little girl’s nursery! Of course, I’ve been having lots of fun gathering ideas for her room (you can see lots of my ideas over on Pinterest on my baby and nursery inspiration boards).

To kick off our planning process, I came up with three different design directions I loved. I don’t want her room to be too girly or too over the top baby. Something pretty + fun, with cute touches, that she’ll be able to grow into. Here are the three directions I came up with…


Board One keeps it clean + minimal with pops of bright pink, red, yellow and blue. Also love the use of graphic shapes.

Board Two features shades of coral with white, navy + gold. Loving Sharon Montrose‘s baby animals for the walls!

Board Three is also clean + minimal with a muted palette + vintage touches from the prints + decor.

Since Jason and I are so busy with GWS, we decided to enlist the help of the design + baby experts of Serena & Lily to help us with the room style and layout. Serena & Lily have some really gorgeous baby pieces and are pretty much experts when it comes to designing baby rooms – they even wrote the book Nursery Style to help new parents with this exciting task! I love that they’re proponents of great + functional design and work to incorporate their customer’s personalities into the rooms on which they consult – exactly what we love about the weddings we share on GWS!

After talking with Alex, one of S&L’s design consultants, about our goals for our nursery and personal style, she asked me to share my initial ideas, so I sent her the three boards above along with my two Pinterest boards (baby board and nursery inspiration). I know I want white furniture for her room – I really like this white crib and dresser from Giggle (a great baby store that does the homework for you by only providing the best + safest for your baby). One of the main reasons we’re leaning toward this crib is that, as our newborn becomes a toddler, we’ll be able to convert this crib into a toddler bed – really love that detail! Do any of you have recommendations on cribs?

While we have a nice start to planning our nursery for our baby girl, we still have a lot to do and the clock is ticking on how much time we have to get everything done. It’s clear we need some help selecting our furniture and decor for the room, as well as learning the do’s and don’ts + baby safety best practices for nursery design. So, over the next few weeks we’ll be working with the design experts of Serena & Lily to make design + product decisions and create a functional nursery. Once the decisions are all made, Jason + I will roll up our sleeves and put the nursery together. It feels like a lot of work right now, but we couldn’t be more happy to be doing it :)

So, I’d love to hear from all you lovely readers! What are your thoughts on the initial directions from the mood boards above? Do you have a favorite?

I’d also love to hear from other mamas out there where you found your nursery inspiration! Any great stores I should check out for bedding or furnishings?  Thoughts/recommendations on strollers?  I’d love any advice you have!

As we go through this process that is so new to us, we’ll be reaching out to our lovely readers for recommendations and wisdom for first time parents.  We look forward to your thoughtful recommendations and stories.

board credits: board #1: triangles print // Gold Lamp // print //  room photo // dresser with blocks // mobile board #2: I Love You Beyond Measure Decal // wall pattern idea // tassel garland // Sharon Montrose Animal Prints // room photo board #3: room photo // animal prints // stuffed fox // animal bookends // canvas bean bag


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  1. Definitely loving board 2, so excited for you!

  2. I’m in love with the 2nd one. It’s clean lines but has a very clean look to it. Love the prints of the animals too!

  3. Loving the second one! Especially the baby animals for the walls! So cute!

  4. The shots look amazing. Really good work.

  5. They are all adorable! I think I’m also partial to #2. Little Baby Garvin (http://littlebabygarvin.blogspot.com/) did great posts on her favorite products by age and may be a good resource for stroller ideas etc. Congrats again!

  6. So hard to choose, but as a mum of two I’m thinking the muted, calmer colours of 3 wouldn’t be too stimulating when you’re trying to persuade her it’s time to sleep! You can always add more colour as she gets older. Crib that turns into toddler bed worked well for us, but they do look so tiny in it at first!

  7. I adore the first board! (i have a weakness for fun bright pops of colour) but i think #3 with colourful vintage prints would be great.
    my sons room is muted (grey green walls, navy & white) with colourful prints that I can change up as he grows and so far it seems to be a great place for him to sleep, read books & play

  8. Board #2 all the way!! Love the colors and the highlights of metallic. So cute!

  9. #1 & #2 are my favorites! i especially love the peach + navy + whites combination in the 2nd board.

  10. I LOVE board 2.The colors are unique and there is a ton of interest in the decor (prints, paint, fabrics). Also love the small feminine flair. Very cool. :)

  11. Love board no. 1, though I could easily go with board number two as well. I think no. 3 is a little less of a bold choice. The others will be classic in their own way and are more creative. Enjoy this journey!

  12. 3! But I love woodlands creatures at the moment and the vintage feel- so biased. Must admit 1 is very unique and I think a child would love the colours. So fun decorating for a child x

  13. Love these! #2 is my fave! We just started a nursery design series over on BabyList – Love for you to take a look http://blog.babyli.st/nursery-design-inspiration/

  14. I love them all! I did Charlie’s room with lots of different animals (no theme, just ones I liked that totally didn’t go together, like giraffes, elephants, owls, and some foxes too). But when I saw the first board I thought, “THAT looks like a GWS baby’s room!” :)

  15. Love all your boards!! I think #1 and #2 are my favorite, but can’t wait to see what you choose!! Also, have you checked out Land of Nod? They have the cutest things for nurseries!! We got some cute sheets and toys there for our little one.

  16. Love the first one!! it´s seems so cozy! ^^

  17. Congrats! I’m having a baby girl too (due early spring). I love the bright colors in board #1 and the navy & white wall and animals in board #2. Hope you share your finished nursery, I’m sure it will be lovely. I’m working on mine, sky blue walls with hot air ballon theme:)

  18. Number 1 jumped out at me right away! It is the most unique and hasn’t been seen/done before.

  19. Congrats! I really like board 3 because it’s a neutral palette that you can add pops of colors with the crib sheet and wall accents, which you change up as you like. I, too, didn’t want my daughter’s nursery to be too girly, so we went with apple green walls (she has a beautiful white cove ceiling) and navy accents, white sparrow crib from Giggle (they are awesome, but do pay for them to put the crib together- the safety of your crib is greatly reduced if you misplace one screw or bolt), and a navy dresser from giggle that we use as a changing table. We didn’t care if the crib was convertible because if you plan to have more then one child in the next four years, you’ll be using the crib again before it would be a toddler bed. Serena and Lily have great linens and gliders, also check out the Land of Nod for cute options. The chamois crib sheets and changing pads from Pottery Barn kids are to die for soft, and aden and anais crib sheets/swaddles are also amazing. I have a green and white quilt with elephants from rikshaw design (also cute stuff there) on the wall and a giant giraffe that looks into her crib…it’s a fun accent.Hope that helps! Good luck with all of your designs- your boards look great.

  20. board #2 definitely! love the walls and the interesting rope thing

  21. LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2nd board! The chevron walls are to die for!

  22. It is so fun planning your little ones room and nesting! Don’t forget to buy a king bed, for the family! :) hehe!

  23. I’m a Momma of 4 !!! Last one is my girl!
    I’m loving board 2 and we did the crib to bed but never used the beds for too long or at all. Unless maybe a more modern piece.
    Strollers- don’t make the mistake of not physically trying one out before you buy them. I finally got it right on my last one and it was a life saver “Bugaboo chameleon ” once I watched the video and broke it den a couple times before the baby came. I was a pro and it was worth every penny!
    Bedding- organic bedding is the best even a soft organic mattress padded cover!
    Laundry detergent- Meyers clean day baby blossom detergent – the best! To wash all babies bedding and clothes before her sweet arrival
    Sorry I’ve gone on too long!

  24. Hello from Paris! I love you blog! I used to read you when i was preparing my wedding las year and now i have a baby, a little girl. I had really appreciate the moment when i started with decoration, and i chose a white and minimalist room. I wrote an article in my blog about it, well, its is french but you will see the pics :-)
    Kisses from Paris



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