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J.P. McLeod

location: Los Angeles, CA

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“My mother is a physician, my father is a magician and I’m somewhere in between.” Hi, I’m J.P. I am a lover of music and film and believe the two go perfectly together. As a DJ and film producer, my work involves finding the perfect blend of the two. When creating new work, I like to take film and music and make something out of it, like a kid who makes art out of a ball of clay. While DJing, I seek to create a custom and personalized music experience. You might cry, you might laugh, but you will definitely dance! As the DJ world and film industry are transitioning completely to digital, my current work involves a mash-up of the two. Specifically, I use vinyl-turntables with digital software and blending older film media with current digital video technology. I call it “old school feel, with new school flavor.” Being the son of a doctor and magician, I seek to create an experience that is both uniquely technical and equally entertaining.

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