Twilight Wedding Inspiration

Ok fellow Twilight fans, today is the day – New Moon is out! Anyone planning to see it this weekend? I’m hoping to catch it on Sunday. I know the Twilight wedding isn’t until book 3 book 4 – Breaking Dawn, but I thought it would be fun to do a post on some wedding inspiration from the movie. Who doesn’t love a good love story! I think that is what attracts a lot of us to the Twilight stories – ok, ok, maybe Rob Pattison has something to do with us loving the movies also :) I’ve been in Twilight mood the past few weeks – along with a lot of us! – and I’ve been thinking there are some great ideas you can bring into your wedding – or I hope we will see in Bella and Edward’s wedding…

The location of Forks, Washington would make for some amazing pre-wedding photos.

twilight wedding inspiration

{top photo by Punam Bean, Bottom from flickr}

Fashion. Bella’s favorite color is brown, so how perfect are these fun sparkling brown shoes to bring a bit of brown in. I love the long flowy hair – simple and elegant. Also, a great necklace with a red jewel would make a great statement. For the groom, I love a more modern look.

twilight wedding inspiration

{shoe photo by Jasmine Star, Kristen Stewart and Edward photos from Instyle, necklace by Kari Roy photo from Pure }

A ruffled tulip for the flowers. According to legend, the tulip symbolizes “perfect love.” I picture Bella in a wedding dress with some vintage lace inspiration. Bridesmaids in dark, deep red.

twilight wedding inspiration

{top photo by Jonas Peterson, bottom left dress by Casablanca, bottom right from flickr}

The ceremony would take place in the woods. How perfect is this setting below? Music played on a piano of course!

twilight wedding inspiration

{left photo & bottom right by Punam Bean, Top right by Leigh Miller}

Lots and lots of twinkling lights. There needs to be dancing under the lights :)

twilight wedding inspiration

{top photo by Ben Blood, bottom photos from twilight}

Reception with lots of ruffled tulips and Italian food. An exit with lots of red ribbons.

twilight wedding inspiration

{top left photo from Each Little World, top right by Jose Villa, photo with ribbons unknown, bottom by Robert Sukrachand}

What do you guys think, how do you picture their wedding? Anyone getting married in the woods of the Northwest? Such a dreamy location!

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  1. WOW! Love this post. Not even a Twilight fan, but love these ideas.

  2. I loooove this post and about to bookmark it! And yeppers, I'm in love with Edward and Bella too :)

  3. The wedding isn't until book 4.

  4. Thanks Lisette for the correction! I haven't read books 3 or 4 yet – on my list for some holiday reading :)

  5. I saw some ladies in line last night and they gave me custom made Twilight candies!

    Lovely post for today.

  6. so fun! i'm going to see the movie tonight with my girlfriends! love the pictures under the lights – swoon!

  7. I love this post – it is beautiful. However, I am embarrassed to admit that I have yet to read the Twilight series; the only reasons is I am one of those individuals who's entire life goes on hold when I pick up a great book – in this case books. Maybe over Christmas :)

  8. Aww…love it! And love the red ribbon exit! I was shooting a wedding at La Caille here and there is a really cool canopy of lights and bubble glass chandelier…the whole time during the couple's first dance I was thinking, This is SOO Twilight!! lol.

  9. I'm not a big fan of the Twilight books–I read all 4, but still, not a big fan, and they're a little over-hyped. Still, I LOVE these wedding ideas…so beautiful and tasteful, even for a non-Twilight wedding, not totally overboard or anything…very lovely.

  10. BEAUTIFUL!!! And the deep reds are PERFECT!!!!

  11. I am SO into Twilight right now!!! This board ROCKs!!!!!!!

  12. Oooo I love it! I'm a Twilight lover too, and I so hope they do something cool & dramatic with wedding when it comes time for movie #4! I have my fingers crossed that they'll go with simething over-the-top amazing… I'm sure our little Alice will make it come together!

  13. I LOVE this! Can't wait to see the wedding in film 4 – they better go to town!

    For anyone who pictures themselves as a real life Bella-bride there is the most perfect dress available by British designer Stephanie Allin, it's even called 'Bella'! (Bordeaux Collection). Check out her website.

  14. Just gorgeous… The stage is perfect~ from the fog settling above the trees to the mossy stones in the woods. LOVE the Casablanca dress and the necklace by Kari Roy. WOW!

  15. What fun ideas…it's neat to imagine them as an actual couple in real life. Have you seen the movie yet? I'll be viewing in a couple weeks (after the pandemonium dies down a bit).

  16. so so fun! i knew if anyone could do a twilight themed wedding in a gorgeous way it would be you! so lovely. i love the idea of wedding inspiration from movies…maybe more like this? i would love a Notebook based post :)

  17. I absolutely love this! How fun that you did a post on their wedding!

  18. oh you. so clever and thoughtful. i love this post!

  19. cool post. saw the movie last night and loved it!!

  20. They should totally have you stage the wedding for the movie! This is perfect! It's exactly what I pictured!

  21. OK so the Northwest is a relatively dreamy location… if you LOVE rain. We have a spot of rainless bliss for roughly 2 months of the year in Oregon. Close toed shoes and an indoor reception location are key elements to every Northwesterly wedding.
    PS: Adore the mist in the mountain picture.

  22. I am not really into Twilight. I was never a fan but I love the photos and the ideas. Those are very unique.

  23. Love this inspiration! Beautiful!

  24. This is awesome! I linked to it, I hope you don't mind!

  25. Haha, you would make a perfect Alice Cullen.

  26. Ohmygad. I love your idea. It's beautiful. Simple but sophisticated.
    Can I use it on my wedding instead? Kidding! :))

  27. Hi Jen!

    I'm from Australia, and I'm having my wedding at the end of next year in Tagaytay, Philippines, on the crest of a volcano, overlooking the smallest volcano in the world, Taal Volcano, and the lake surrounding it.

    Our colours are red and gold, and I have to say that I love the idea of red ribbons flowing about while exiting the wedding! Wow! Do you mind if I borrow the idea? :)

    What other flowers would suit this theme? You think up some great ideas!

  28. Hi Rocki!

    Wow, your wedding location sounds amazing! I hope you will share some photos with me :) I would love if you used the red flags idea for your exit! If your colors are red and gold, I would keep with all red flowers and use gold ribbons and gold vessels to accent them. I think a mix of different red flowers would be fabulous – depending on what is in season, maybe tulips, roses, red berries, red anemones, red dahlias – lots out there! Good luck with your planning!


  29. Thanks for your help Jen! When I get the photos from the wedding I'll let you know :)

  30. Do you know very much about silk flowers Jen?

  31. Rocki- No, I'm sorry, I don't know much about silk flowers.

  32. I love this post:)

  33. I’m getting married in the woods of the Pacific Northwest this coming July, and I’m so excited about it! As a native to the area, yes, I can attest to the fact that it does rain quite a lot here. However, it’s not as much as you might think during the summer months.

    And, sorry Rebekah, but I really have to disagree- most true northwesters cannot imagine anything BUT an outdoor wedding! With open toed shoes and the lot! We cross our fingers, and most of the time we get lucky. If it rains after all the mist just adds to the ambiance – not to mention, pictures of the bride and bridesmaids in rubber boots are always adorable. (You can always tell the Californians in Oregon – they carry umbrellas. True north-westerners NEVER carry an umbrella, it’s quite a faux pas! Truth!)

  34. WOW, that first photo of the mountain is so amazing !!


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