Traveler’s Joy Honeymoon Registry

I’m a huge fan of online honeymoon registries and one of my favorites is Traveler’s Joy. Besides getting married, the one thing Jason and I were most excited about was our honeymoon! Who wouldn’t be excited about your first trip together as a married couple, right!? :) Traveler’s Joy makes it easy to set up an account and share your honeymoon plans with all your guests. You can register for anything you’d like and the the design is clean + simple. A win-win in my book! I also love reading through their real member stories where you can read where other couple’s traveled – super fun. The only question that remains is where will you pick for your honeymoon?! :)

Be sure to check out Traveler’s Joy to learn more about all they offer.

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  1. Awesome to hear this! We’ve been researching honeymoon registries for the past week and found Traveler’s Joy to be the best so it is good to hear you guys agree. We love how seamless it is to receive gifts and we don’t have to deal with PayPal or advertising on our site like a lot of other honeymoon registries.

  2. My hubby & I used Traveler’s Joy for our wedding and it was great! It was very easy to use and our guests loved it. To our surprise, the honeymoon registry was cleared off before our regular registry was even half gone! It was wonderful to journey off on our Hawaiian honeymoon without worrying as much about the cost of our activities after the expense of a wedding. I highly recommend it!

  3. Looks alot more appealing than a waffle machine!! haha!

  4. I was very encouraged to find Traveler’s Joy Honeymoon Registry site. I wanted to thank you for this informative and useful read.


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