The Story of Red Riding Hood: Kelli + Taylor

red riding hood inspiration

There are two types of engagement sessions I love – simple gorgeous photos of the couple with a splash of personality (like these I shared a few weeks ago) and then there are the ones were the couple tries something totally different. The couple who decides to create something totally unique – this one today is one of those. Inspired by the story of Little Red Riding Hood, it is dreamy + magical – and they even had a real wolf for the shoot! Amazing. Photos are by the creative duo at Three Nails Photography and they even designed Kelli’s cape also! Her hairpiece at the end is by Gracylu Originals. Congrats to Kelli + Taylor for creating these magical photos I’m sure you’ll treasure forever…

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

red riding hood inspiration

If you loved these, you might also love this Alice in Wonderland inspired session also by Three Nails Photography! :)

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  1. I love Hunter’s work! This is such an awesome shoot, and that cape it truly epic. And when I say epic I don’t mean the overused term meaning “really awesome.” I mean the dictionary definition: “heroic; majestic; impressively great.” Also? Love that hair piece. Gorgeous!

  2. What a neat shoot. What’d you use to blow out her cape?

  3. Omg! These are amazing!

  4. These are so fun! That one with his eyes just popping reminds me of the latest movie on Red Riding Hood. I just LOVE that hairpiece also! Beautiful pics as always.

  5. Amazing work as always Hunter!

  6. Amazing photos once again Hunter! You always have impressive work. Looking forward to what you come up with next. I’ve been stylizing some of my shoots like yours. Hopefully I’ll get on this blog someday. Love your work, keep it up!

  7. This is absolutely beautiful…Three Nails Photography is in a category all by themselves…so brilliantly creative, you never know what adventure you will go on when you look at Hunter’s work.

  8. This is so beautiful!! What a fabulous interpretation of Red Riding Hood… Three Nails is always so inspiring.

  9. Those pictures are soooo beautiful! I can’t look away from them. The atmosphere, how the red cloth is flying in the wind, the looks, the gestures… I really love this work!

  10. I’ve never seen anything like this! An absolutely beautiful twist of an old children’s story!

  11. Love this shoot and love this company! Three Nails Photography continues to inspire and amazing me! And ive never been disapointed with a shoot they have done for my family! I recomend them to all!

  12. Love the creativity of the shoot, not to mention the eyes of the groom being the same color as the eyes of the wolf.
    Dani @ ONNO

  13. Best photographer I know. Never tire of his work and the way every shoot tells a story.

  14. Wow what fabulously magical pictures – pictures I am sure Kelli & Taylor will always love. Truly breathtaking!

  15. I love this shoot! The guy looks like he and the wolf are the same and the cape blowing picture is so artistic.

  16. As always, I am speechless!!! You do such amazing work!! Your photos are so unique! God gave you an awesome talent and it shows in every photo shoot you take!! Great job!!!

  17. Such artistic and beautiful shots.. I am constantly amazed by The Nails Photography’s ability to create such captivating themes in each shoot. Definitely one of the top photographers today. I know where to go when I am ready to pick a photog for my wedding :)

  18. love love these

  19. Ok, these are freaking amazing. Great work!

  20. Simply wonderful…Talent, creativity and imagination!

  21. LOVE!!!! Thanks for asking me to be a part of this fab shoot Hunter and Brit!!

  22. Just more and more awesomeness from Three Nails.

  23. Hunter rocks my world everytime he shoots! awesome Hunter!!!

  24. Absolutely gorgeous! Took my breath away…

  25. Great great job! Almost made me want to remarry just for the pictures. Again, that’s an ALMOST!

  26. This is so unique! I love love love it!

  27. GORGEOUS!! I love your work!! So neat!!!

  28. Positively stunning! Each shot is better than the last.

  29. Gorgeous shoot – I love the picture of them with the cape blowing in the wind.

  30. What kind of dog is that? So beautiful!

  31. I got deeper and deeper chills with each successive photo! Unbelievably stunning.


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