Styling the Little Ones: Ring Bearer Fashion

ring bearer fashion

I know, the little ones in your bridal party often steal the show! They are adorable and get so excited to be a part of your big day. You want to make sure they are styled to fit the rest of the bridal party, but they should stand out a bit also. Today it’s all about the cute ring bearers – and that little guy above? He is my nephew from our wedding (photo by Anna Page). Pretty cute, right? He kept telling everyone he had the most important job that day since he was holding our rings. :)

So, check out some looks we put together for the little guys today – with links on where you can buy everything you need to create the outfit! I hope this is helpful! And no worries, we’ll be sharing flower girl ideas early next week.


For the vintage ring bearer look (photo by Leo Patrone as seen in this inspiration board): 1. Vintage Stone Pinstriped Newsboy Cap // 2. boys retro bow tie // 3. boys oxford shirt // 4. light khaki shorts // 5. black patterned socks // 6. boys black converse sneakers

ring bearer style suspenders

Fashionable fellow (photo from here): 1. black and white polka dot pocket square // 2. black bow tie // 3. black pants // 4. boys black and white oxfords // 5. black with white stripe suspenders

ring bearer in seersucker suit

Stylish Gent look (photo by Kai Heeringa Photography as seen in this wedding): 1.grey slate seersucker boys blazer // 2. yellow bow tie // 3. boys white dress shirt // 4. boys khaki pants // 5. brown Flip Flops


Down on the farm ring bearer (photo by Ben Q Photography): 1. black news boy cap // 2. vintage bow tie // 3. black jeans // 4. black suspenders // 5. green converse sneakers


Summer Cool ring bearer (photo by Jose Villa as seen in this wedding): 1. blazer in blueberry seersucker // 2. seersucker shorts // 3. dahlia fabric boutonniere // 4. grey sneakers

ring bearer in a vest

Cool dude ring bearer (photo by Jagger Photography as seen in this wedding): 1. charcoal gray vest // 2. blue oxford shirt // 3. light khaki pants // 4. vans oxfords
And love the flag he is carrying? You could make your own using a dowel rod, card stock and printing your own quote or check out this shop on etsy for some cute already made flags.

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Are you planning on having a ring bearer in your wedding? What are you going to have him wear?

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  1. I love the shorts + jacket combo. He’s a big boy but my hubby did that combo for his suit.

    The bow ties suit the babehs, don’t they??

  2. My wedding is going to be very classic in this old venue that was built in 1907. Everything will be black and white. The guys will be in black tuxes… while my cute little blonde nephew will be in a bright white tux. He’s going to look so cute, I can hardly stand it. I’m not sure about a top hat yet but I’m not opposed to it.

  3. What fine, dapper little ringbearers! I love the bowties—so sweet!

  4. I love the pimped out look, too cute!

  5. After getting married I opened an Etsy shop to make ring bearer pillows. I recently started making bow ties and they have been more fun to make than the pillows. Love a little man in a bow tie!

  6. I am so in love with these little outfits. It’s giving me ovary aches! I think fashionable fellow and cool dude are my favorites. Little kids in bow ties- cute overload for sure.


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    Orange County based On Location Bridal Make-up and Airbrushing

  7. I adore this post!! So cute! I would love to photograph any of these ring bearers!

  8. Cute kids. Loving all the bow ties.

  9. This is a great post!! I found that everyone else was more difficult to dress than myself! This is very helpful!

  10. Thanks for including my dahlia brooches in your summer look! I would’ve loved to have this as a resource when planning my own wedding! Too cute!

  11. Cuuute! Our little ring bearer wore J.Crew pants and checkered shirt with Converse, and a pair of suspenders I got at Goodwill and cut down. I made him a bowtie and boutonniere but we FORGOT to put them on him!! Devastating! ;) He was pretty cute nonetheless.

  12. Those little bow ties are so adorable. I can’t wait until my little boy will be born so that I could style him in this fashion. Should be this month:)

  13. so cute… I’ll keep these fashion tips on mind… :)

  14. they are all just adorable! i can’t decide which look is my favorite!

  15. Absolutely adorable, the down in the farm is by far my favorite. We are having a rustic wedding and that outfit would be the perfect choice.


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