My trip to see the BHLDN Wedding Brand – Part 1

A few days ago I got the most amazing invite: an invitation to go to Philadelphia and see the brand new wedding shop from one of my most favorite stores, Anthropologie. I’ve been dying to see what they’ve been working on ever since I first found out about the concept early last year. Since a few of you have asked, BHLDN is pronounced “Beholden,” and is inspired by the Dutch word for “to keep.” Absolutely love that. BHLDN will be available online starting Monday, February 14th – how appropriate! :)

Yesterday morning a group of the most fabulous bloggers were invited for a tour of the Urban Outfitters campus where we got a chance to see where the designers for some of my favorite stores work (for those of you that don’t know, the campus consists of Urban OutfittersAnthropologieFree People, TerrainLeifsdottir and BHLDN). Their creative spaces were like a dream! So inspiring. :) Then we were off to see what we all were dying to see – the BHLDN collection. BHLDN will sell dresses, shoes, and accessories online – with more decorations for your reception and ceremony coming later this year. We were first shown a fashion show with some of their wedding dress and here is what we saw …

bhldn logo

ruffled wedding dress

bhldn wedding dress ruffles

The first dress we saw was stunning! Hundreds of pleats – swoon! And then, the dress below was one of my absolute favorites – so pretty + romantic + whimsical – all my favorites. She is also wearing a hairpiece from Jennifer Behr. All the jewelry, hair pieces and shoes on the models BHLDN will carry also. The dress below is called Ribbon Silk and will cost $1600. The wedding dresses will range in cost from $1000 – $4000 and the bridesmaids dresses will cost $200-600.

ribbon silk wedding dress

And how fun are these two? Love the print on the left and the details on the dress on the right. And the hairpieces – so so fun!

vintage inspired wedding dresses bhldn

wedding dress details bhldn

bhldn wedding dress bohemian

The dress above had some really great movement and speaking of movement, they will have videos of all the dresses on their website. Such a great idea since the dresses will only be available online for the time being (they do plan on opening a store, but it won’t be till later this year and the location is still undecided).

And the dress below, another of my favorites! It is called Floral Artwork and has all these fabric flowers hidden under the top layer for the bottom part of the dress. The belt is an addition you could add on or where without – absolutely love the belt with it, but you could switch up a different belt to really make the dress unique and your own style.

floral artwork dress

butterfly wedding dress

And how fun is the butterfly dress above? All the butterflies are hand cut and sewn on one at a time – magical!

Some important faq’s to know about BHLDN:

• All items will be available in the shop for delivery right away – no waiting 6 months for your wedding or bridesmaids dresses

• All the dresses have the same sizing as Anthropologie clothes – although BHLDN is a totally separate store – so you won’t have to jump up 4 sizes for your wedding dress and this makes it easier since you are buying online – and they offer easy returns if you change your mind or it doesn’t fit right.

• All the dresses were designed to be easy for alterations so you could take it to your local tailer and they would be able to alter it easily.

And some photos from BHLDN of the dresses!

bhldn wedding dress short

Kind of really love both those short dresses above! And check out all those cute shoes!! They have so many great shoes you guys!! I have 4 pairs on my wish list already! :)

wedding dress with black bow

Those two above are my favorite long dresses :)

wedding dress pleats

vintage wedding dresses short

short wedding dresses

I hope you enjoyed the sneak peak so far! I had so many photos, I have another post coming up later today with more photos of the shoes (yay!), accessories and decorations we saw there plus a few more details about BHLDN. I’d love to hear what you guys think of the collection so far, do you have a favorite dress?

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  1. I would kill for that first dress. So beautiful.

  2. Oh my goodness! These are all so beautiful. My favourite is in the 3rd image up from the bottom on the right – with the eyelets! Tell me, what is the top like? Wishing and hoping that it’s a criss-cross ballet-style at the front! Do you recall?!

  3. BELOVED IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO appropriate! I am in love. It’s bad enough I love Anthro so much, NOW they have wedding dresses! *luff* Thanks for the sneak peak, my heart is fluttering, now i just have to figure out how to 1. buy ANOTHER wedding dress 2. get it altered to my size 16 body…Hmmph. :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this! I’m in love with the pleated dress and think BHLDN is going to rock the wedding world!

  5. I love their collection so far! So happy to see lovely feminine details, pops of color, & the effortlessly eclectic style! Thanks for sharing about the ordering processs & sizing, because that will make it so much easier & accessible!

  6. Oh wow! i want to get married again and wear that first dress with the pleats! Love it!

  7. Wow! I’m so excited to visit a BHLDN shop now!!!

    In $-$$$$$ terms, what’s the price range?

  8. Thank you GWS for being the first blog to showcase BHLDN! It all looks lovely- I have a wedding dress but hopefully I can accessorize ther!

  9. in loveee with the ruffled dress with the big black bow…
    i want it NOW! :)

  10. What an amazing sneak peek! I adore the entire concept from start to finish.

  11. I am so jealous! I would love to have been there, can’t wait to see the whole collection on monday, I’ve been counting down!

  12. Wow!!!!!! Cant wait to see more!! I am so jealous you are there! Have fun!

  13. These are gorgeous! The shoes even! Swoon! I can’t wait to see the rest. Thanks so much for sharing, Jen!

  14. Wow!Thank you for sharing!Breathtaking and.. really inspiring! ;)

  15. Such eye candy. What fun! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Kristi- Yes, it was a ballet inspired top – and it had straps but they could be taken out also for strapless :) – SO PRETTY! :)

    Hilljo- The wedding dresses range from $1000 – $4000 and the special event dresses are $200 -$800 ( a lot of these could work as wedding dresses also!)

  17. OOO LA LA!! I am in love with all of the shoes and hair pieces!

  18. Love the sneak peak! I already purchased my wedding dress, and am mostly regret-free even with this amazing collection (so happy I stayed in my budget), but the ribbon silk one is AMAZING. I’m so excited to see your next post—have held off on purchasing accessories partly because of BHLDN!

  19. REPOSTED on my blog!!! This is too beautiful not to share! THANK YOU for the info!! :)

  20. Thank you, thank you! I have been waiting for any info I can get and can’t wait! Do you know if there will be actual retail stores?

  21. OMG I am DYING over these photos! Now my man just needs to get down on one knee…. (sigh).
    Um, so anyway. Loving the dress with all of the pleats. So. Stunning.

  22. Oh thank you for this sneak peek! You made my day!

    I love the second dress… the one shoulder sweetheart dress! And I love the second short dress!!

    I’m melting just imagining what else they have!

  23. I Loooooove the grey pleated dress! It makes me want to get married again! Please tell me we can get our paws on some of those shoes too!

  24. These are SO lovely!!! I can’t wait to shoot a bride and maids in them :) thanks for the sneaks Jen!

  25. OMG, so amazing. I can’t wait to see all of them February 14th. This is the perfect look for my wedding, and I’m sure lots of other brides too. Of COURSE Anthro should have a wedding line!

  26. I am so glad they are bringing a bridal line to the public…..its great!

  27. oh geez! Thanks for this post! I could hardly wait until monday, but this sneak peek will tide me over until then.

  28. wow wow wow wow! What an awesome experience. I love love love love love love it all.

  29. Everything is sooo beautiful! I cannot wait till you post part 2!

  30. This collection is absolutely beautiful, I adore all the lovely little feminine details. That grey gown is so gorgeous. I’m swooning over all the dresses, shoes, and hair pieces!

  31. I wish I could see a photo of the front of that eyelet dress! It might be my favorite!

  32. This just totally made my day! Oh how I LOVE Anthropologie!!

  33. Perfect!!! So jealous of you too for getting to visit! ;) What a fabulous day!!

  34. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I want one so bad!!! I definitely have three favorites & can’t wait to see more of the shoes :D

  35. OMG! I’m so excited for the opening! my friend is getting married April and I don’t have a dress yet… YAY!!! the perfect excuse! My fav wedding dress is the pleated and I love the short beige dress with cut out flowers and sheer sleeves-would totally wear that as a bridesmaid.

  36. How lucky that you got to see these dresses! I’ve been dying for Monday also. LOVE the one with the black belt and those yellow shoes with the bow – adorable! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! Love your site!!!

  37. OMG! Gorgeous! The ruffled dresses (first one) is AMAZING. Can’t wait for the site to launch and see everything they have. Eek!! :)

  38. What amazing and unique dresses. I love the draping and flowing.

  39. thanks for your post! i’d been looking for a post that contains both their preview and promo pictures all in one place, and i found them here!

  40. Oh my goodness! Stunned. Stunning. Amazing!

  41. Oh. My. Gawd.

    If ever there was a reason to get married, it is this.

    Does that sound shallow? I don’t care. Aaaahhhhh!

  42. What wonderful coverage. Looks like you had an incredible time in Philadelphia. Based on everything launched so far I am loving BHLDN which to me represents the launch of much-needed, creative, whimsical, retro-inspired, sweet, celebratory and personal new style aesthetic. Plus the fact that the dresses are based on an already-known sizing chart with easy returns…makes for a lot of stress-free choices plus the pricepoint is totally right on. Cant wait to see more.

  43. I was actually expecting a lot more….
    Hopefully their next collections will be more Free People in inspired.

  44. Love the photographs you’ve got here. You’re so right. Anthro does those handmade subtle details so superbly that they’re like hidden treasures that aren’t always explicitly noticed until further analysis of the piece. What a privilege to be a part of that sneak peek!

  45. OMG! I’m so jealous. The dresses are amazing. I want all of them. One of each please.

  46. OMG !!! All dresses are wonderful …but my favorite is the first dress… is gorgeous !!!!

  47. stunning dresses! i want to get married all over again just to be able to wear a bhldn gown ;)

  48. Loved your post!! thanks to your lovely page I have found about BHLDN dresses. I been looking forever for bridesmaid-wedding guest dresses in this price range. Forever thankfull to you!!
    Do you by anychance know more brands or webpages that sell dresses at this same price range?

    Your advice would be much appreciated!!


    from Paraguay, South America <3

  49. Wow these are fab dresses. They are so original and yet a fresh retro style to them. The designer is awesome.


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