DIY: Vintage Spoons for your Wedding

vintage spoons with names for your wedding

Remember the inspiration board from Monday with the cute spoons? Well, I just love the idea of old spoons with words on it and think they would work perfect for seating cards or table numbers for your wedding. And the best part – they are really easy to make! I saw these at the Rose Bowl Flea Market (with herb names for your garden) a few months ago and have been thinking they would be so easy to create for a perfect detail for your wedding. So, here we go!

diy vintage spoons names

You’ll need to find spoons that are silver plated – these are much easier to flatten! I found mine on ebay, but I’ve also seen them at flea markets + thrift stores. You’ll also need a hammer, a black sharpie and a set of metal alphabet + number stamps. I bought mine here.

hammer spoons flat

Next – flatten the spoon! I found the best way was to set the spoon on a brick and flatten it there, but wrap it in a towel so the spoon doesn’t get too scratched. After a few pounds, the spoon will be flat! Next, get your letters out and determine what you are spelling. I would start my words in the middle so they stay pretty center. And be sure you place the letters the right direction (I had one upside down – oops!).

Once you have the letter selected, bang each letter about 10 times – you want to make sure it gets indented enough! After you have the word spelled out, I went over the letters with the black sharpie to make them pop a bit more – don’t worry if you get too much marker on the spoons – you can wash it off with a bit of rubbing alcohol. I put a 4 on each of these so the guest know they are seating at table 4, but you could also do spoons with Table 4 – and have 1 per table (instead of per guest which might be tiring if you have a lot of guests!) And voila! You have a super fun one-of-a-kind seating spoon. I placed mine in a wooden box with moss covering the top. I think wooden boxes, vintage tins or even a bunch in a suitcase would be super cute…

spoons with names for a wedding

Or just make a few spoons with fun words to spell out and use as decor or fun props for photos :)

true love spoons

all photos by Green Wedding Shoes

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  1. What a clever and adorable idea. Perfect for Vintage weddings! Not to mention the eco-friendly wedded couple!

    Love this DIY, Green Wedding Shoes! Love it!!

    Petite Fleur- Simple. Fresh. Organic.

  2. nice one!!!!! :)

  3. This is pretty nice! So artistic and imaginative. You really know how to use your own craft in enhancing the old stuff into a unique decoration.

  4. I loved them when I saw them, but they looked so perfect that I had no idea you could actually make them yourself. You made this look easy ;)

  5. These are fabulous! I had no idea they were that easy to make too! :) So crafty!

  6. That is such a cute idea! I love it!

  7. what size were the metal letters you used?

  8. What an awesome project! I think I’m going to do these for my own wedding.

  9. What a great idea!! So unique and creative… makes for the perfect rustic touch! Thanks for sharing!

  10. This idea is perfect for a rustic wedding! Love it!!

  11. LOVED this post! These spoons are totally adorable!

  12. Lindsay- I used the 3MM 1/8″ metal letters :)

  13. This is SO cute! What a fabulous tutorial. I’ve always loved the look of pounded spoons–can’t believe how easy it looks to make!

  14. what a great idea! anything that lets me loose with a hammer sounds like it could go wrong but even this i think i can handle!

  15. Great project! I’ve made a few altered spoons like this. ~Heidi

  16. Love it! I can think of so many uses for these…

  17. This is a gorgeous idea! Where do we get the metal alphabet letters????

  18. So cute! Would be great for a vintage/rustic wedding (like my own)…I have seen bride & groom stamped on forks and was going to buy them from Etsy but now that I see you can do it yourself I might have to test it out! :D

  19. AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  20. I absolutely love these spoons! I like the idea of using them for the desserts. They’d make great photos!

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Kind regards,
    Claire Martine
    Koyal Wholesale (

  21. Really amazing spoons styles.Great work.


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