DIY: Personalized Mugs

DIY personalized mugs

I love the personalized mugs from this morning’s winter bachelorette party and they are super easy to make. Thanks so much to Christy of One Handspun Day for sharing this adorable DIY with us today.

DIY personalized mugs

Materials Needed:
• Ceramic Mug (we used Lauren by Ralph Lauren Whipstitch Cream Mugs)
• Porcelain Pen
• Carbon Transfer Paper
• Scotch Tape
• Scissors
• Pen/Pencil (preferably colored)
• Bundled Up Monogram (download the monogram design here)

Step One: Get Your Design Ready
Download the monogram design and input the letters of your choice (we chose the letter ‘P’ for this tutorial!). If you choose to transfer a different design, then keep in mind your mug is curved which it makes it harder to transfer large designs. We found that keeping the design size smaller than 2″x2″ was best for the mugs we used. Once you have your design, print and cut it down to size (ex. 2″x2″). While you have your scissors handy cut out the same sized piece from your carbon paper.

DIY personalized mugs

Step Two: Tape Your Design onto the Mug
Tape your carbon paper over the area on the mug where you want the design (the darkest side should face the mug). Next, tape your design into place over the carbon paper and take care to keep it smooth against the surface of the mug.

Step Three: Transfer your Design
Use a pen or pencil to trace over the lines of your design. We like to use a colored pen/pencil for this part so we can see where we have traced. Make sure to press down firmly when tracing so you have a nice dark carbon transfer on your mug when you are finished. Once you have finished tracing your design carefully remove the carbon paper, design and tape from the mug.

DIY personalized mugs

DIY personalized mugs

Step Four: Trace your Design with a Porcelain Pen
Now use your porcelain pen to trace over the carbon lines to finish your design. Be careful not to smudge the carbon while you are tracing because it wipes off easily. A trick we use is to  start from the outer edge of the design and work inward in a counter-clockwise direction (or clockwise for you lefties!). When you are happy with how it looks allow your mug to dry for at least 24 hours.

DIY personalized mugs

Step Five: Bake the Mug to Set your Design
Gently wipe over your design with a cloth to remove any carbon that may remain and place your finished mug into the oven while it preheats. Bake your mug for the length of time and at the temperature indicated in the instructions for your porcelain pen. Make sure to use potholders when removing your mug from the oven and allow it to cool completely before handling. Now that you are done, fill your new mug with a hot cocoa and enjoy sipping from it by a cozy fire!

**Note: some porcelain pen products are not designed to be non-toxic, so take care that your design is not on an area that may come into contact with food or someone’s mouth (ex. inside  or on the lip of the mug)

DIY personalized mugs

DIY personalized mugs

Your beautiful personalized mug is done! Set up a hot chocolate bar or make hot toddy’s and enjoy :)

DIY created by Christy of One Handspun Day + photos by Katherine Elizabeth for Green Wedding Shoes

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  1. Love these! Such a cute idea.

  2. These are wonderful! I can see these as wedding favours or maybe a last minute christmas gift.

  3. What a brilliant idea. I definitely want to look for more monogram options to do this as a fun baby shower activity!

  4. These DIYs really add an incredible touch to this shoot. So excited they featured Christy’s product. I love that anyone can do it!

  5. This would be a perfect holiday present! I love being crafty, thanks for sharing! :)


  6. Thank you for this post. I always wanted to personalize mugs.

  7. I wish I could have my bachelorette this winter so I could do this. Just lovely.

  8. Thank you everyone for your sweet compliments and thanks to Jen for featuring this project! I hope everyone has fun with it and would love to see photos from anyone that does the DIY!

  9. Love Love Love this idea especially as wedding party gifts it will go along with the vintage pieces from

  10. what a cute idea!!! love your blog!! amazing diy personalized mug. I made something similar on my blog last week! Happy DIYing!

  11. Love this idea!! I did something similar at my wedding, but i love the idea of creating your own mugs and decorating them to be the same! Thanks for the post!


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