Awesome CD Wedding Favor Designs

You might remember this awesome underwater engagement session and save the date I featured a few months back. Well Kelty of Steep Street just sent over these rocking cd wedding favor designs she created for Angela + Nick. Angela + Nick decided to prepare a playlist of the most important songs from their first ten years together. They burned the mix on cds for their wedding favors and asked Kelty to design a custom collage for personal cd covers. They emailed her photos of themselves, of their home, travels, and even their dog! Kelty used the photos to create a custom collage that speaks to their sense of adventure and also to the beautiful life they have begun to build together. I bet the guests were stoked to walk away with such a cool favor – and great collection of songs! :)

cd wedding favors

cd wedding favors

cd wedding favors steep street

And how fun are these versions she created for her sister Hannah’s wedding?! Hannah + Alex sang and arranged three cover songs, recorded them and burned them onto cds for their guests. They then asked me to create 8 different cd covers using photos of them in their wedding garb. We shot against a white wall, them dancing, kissing, and going crazy with giddiness the day before their wedding. I then used scanned, photographic, and textured elements to make 8 different little worlds for them, trying to match their sense of style and fun. They then put rows of the cds out on their guest sign in table for friends and family to snatch up! (you can see the entire awesome wedding here)

creative cd wedding favors

unique cd wedding favors

Thanks so much for sharing these Kelty. So if you are looking for a photographer or designer, be sure to check out all of Kelty’s work at Steep Street! And if you are trying to decide if you want to have a wedding favor and if so, what that would be – maybe a CD mix is the answer :) Perfect for your guests to listen on the ride home.

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  1. Wow! I love these! I did not expect them to look like that from reading the intro, but I was so pleasantly surprised.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I bet they all feel like rock stars… I would!

  3. Now when CD covers and CDs look this amazing and this fun they should def be a favor at weddings! I would listen to these cds just because of the covers because you know there has to be awesome music when it looks like that! I want my own cd now! ♥

  4. Does anyone know where they got the CD labels and jackets made? We’re looking to do something similar for our favors =)

  5. Is this legal? I love the idea but I thought that burning a bunch of songs for 100 of your friends would be copyright infringement. Anyone know? If it’s ok, I might go for it myself.

  6. Great comments! I print the cd jackets on cover stock at Kinkos and the labels on my home printer (labels from Staples). I’ve heard it’s legal as long as you don’t sell them. :)

  7. Got something similiar at a recent wedding and it has been on of my favs..the songs were chosen by people close to the couple (mom, sister, best friend) and it was supposed to be a song that represented the couple. I cant take it off my ipod…Great work!

  8. Wow…very unique. I don’t think many guests will get rid of those.

    Its nice to see brides getting creative….great job.

  9. Ok, so I checked with the copyright guru at my university and this is definitely ILLEGAL– not that you’d probably get caught or prosecuted, but still.

    Unless it’s a CD with songs you wrote/recorded yourself, it’s stealing the original artist’s work, even if you don’t have any financial gain from it.

  10. Gee whiz. That’s kind of a killjoy thing to say to all the brides out there. Everyone burns cd mixes for their friends or to listen to in their car, as I’m sure you do, too, Kelsey. It may be technically illegal, but I think it’s spreadin’ the music love.

  11. Yeah, I think cds mixes are one of the most popular wedding favors out there… right? And in terms of “illegality”, they probably fall somewhere at the very end of the spectrum. What I love about this album is how original and professional looking the cover art is! That’s what this feature is about. =)

  12. Well, I’ve seen many brides do this, but I’m not an attorney and cannot really advise on the laws in your area. It sounds like Kelsey has spoken to an attorney, so I defer to her. It’s always best to check w/ an attorney before doing something like this if you have any questions or concerns.


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